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Restaurant Nutrition Index

An Alphabetized Index of Your Favorites


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This page is awesome! I've been collecting paper listings from the places I've gone to. This page makes it so much easier. Report
Thank you thank you! This is awesome!! Report
Thanks so much! LOVE THIS! What a time saver! Report
Thank you so much for the nutrition information all in one place. Report
This is great Thank you! Report
this is fantastic, saves me going to the individual sites. Thanks putting them all together Report
CiCi's Pizza link is broken... Report
Thank you for consolidating this information in one article! I am definitely saving this for future reference! Report
Great info Report
Excellent aid! I will go through and print the ones I occasionally use And I will take it with me when I go out to eat. That way I know exactly what I am Eating. Thanks!
Wow, this is a great reference! It's a nice concise place to obtain the nutrional information on a myriad of restaurant chains. I rarely eat at these types of places (ok, I'll pick up coffee at Panera or a grilled chicken sandwich on a rare occasion), However, this article is going in my Favorites. Report
very very helpful! Thank-you. Report
Coldstone must have updated their website since this was written. Their nutritional information can be found here.
Sorry Arbys should have been in that comment Report
I was shocked to see how bad the toasted subs were. I "loved" those subs til I found out just how much I was killing myself. Report

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