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85 Tips & Strategies for Dining Out

Take the Challenge Out of Dining


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Excellent tips! Report
thank you for sharing Report
Great tips! Report
Great tips Report
Great article....................Thank You. Report
great ideas Report
These are some good suggestions Report
👏 👌 Report
Good tips to follow. Report
It helps that I'm pretty cheap. We rarely order appetizers or desserts and restaurant alcoholic beverages are ridiculously expensive, so those aren't calories I usually have to account for. Luckily my boyfriend is amazing. He's naturally really good at eating mindfully, so he'll generally comment when he's done and shouldn't have any more. It's a good cue for me to evaluate how I'm doing.

My biggest challenge is slowing down my eating. I'm used to wolfing down food so I can get back to whatever project I was working on, but it's not satisfying, so I keep eating (and get overfull.) Definitely something to keep in mind. Report
One of my tricks is to order a cup of hot herbal tea and ask for it to be delivered when the appetizers come. I then hold my tea with both hands--inhale deeply as I sip. Herbal tea helps me to relax and is very enjoyable. Report
I always ask for my to-go box before I start eating. I set aside the food while it's still presentable, and then I only eat the right portion for dinner. Report
Great strategies! Report
I have yet to find a place that doesn't go overboard on salt Report
Some great strategies for me to work on. Report

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