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Weight Loss Journals: Hands-On Inspiration

A Creative Way to Stay Motivated


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What an amazing idea that will help keep me motivated. Love it! Report
Thanks for the info and ideas! One of my goals is a weight loss journal, but I wasn't sure where to start. Report
Fabulous...I'm off to the store for scrapbooking materials. This is so great!
Thank you!!!!!!!! Report
I also keep a journal although mine is not as creative. I use a regular lined spiral notebook and when I first began, I tracked my current weight, my pounds to go, and the exercises I have done for the day. I would weigh myself once a week and then highlight green for a loss, red for a gain, and blue for plateau. I have recently started to incorporate more of my feelings into the journal as well as things I do not want to forget such as my hairdresser saying "well you are a bigger girl". These are great re-motivators that I have re-read many times to stay on track. Report

I'm going to blog my journey. I just started the blog this afternoon and looking forward to tracking my progress. Report
Want to start a journal too but don't scrapbook. Trying to find a way online. Report
Wonderful idea. I love it! Report
This real story is a great inspiration. Congratulations. Report
Emmy, I'm so glad i ran across this! I love your artical on Journling. You mention TOPS! I'm also a TOPS member. LOVE it. I only thought of journaling for food. You have giving me a wonderful ideas. Thank you so much! I would love to keep in touch with you through Spark. I'm going to start making a scrap book of my weight loss journey! Report
What a great idea! Keeping a journal might be a good idea. I am posting my tracked fitness on Facebook now. I have extremely supportive friends who will surely start asking if the posts stop, so that keeps me accountable a bit :). But a scrap book just for me... great idea!!! I might rather do it in a digital way though, maybe keeping it to the blog on my personal page or do something private additionally... Not sure how but you made me want to think of something, thanks!!! Report
love this idea! Great Inspiration. Report
I've been a scrapbooker and a journaler for over 45 years, and your article about combining the two in a weight loss journal is great! Thanks for sharing and I am going to start mine today!! Report
I've recently started scrapbooking, but never thought to scrapbook my weight loss adventures. Thanks so much for this great, motivating idea! Report
I have a bit of a crafting thumb when I'm inspired, and this was a great feature on the website today! I'm currently on a 30 day pledge of going vegan, and I've been trying to keep an accountability journal myself! I've been attempting to write in it everyday, but I feel like it would be even better to do what Emmy did and break it down into areas that show the highest and lowest points of the journey. What a great keepsake to have and share! Report
How inspirational this story is. I am just starting out on this journey. Now I feel motivated to move on. Thank-you! Report

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