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Weight Loss Journals: Hands-On Inspiration

A Creative Way to Stay Motivated


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Awesome idea. Thank you for sharing. Report
great. Report
Great idea! Sometimes it is easy to forget how far one has come. This is an excellent way to remind oneself. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
This is great to see. I use a bullet journal and i use it to help track weight loss ect. And i still use the sparks app for keeping track of my food but my journal for everything else! Report
I guess I have no excuse, so inspirational. Report
Wonderful inspiration! Report
What a fantastic way to be able to look back and see the progress - especially on days when you feel like you haven't progressed at all! Thanks for sharing! :) Report
1 of my media is art journals, so instead of scrapbooking this, I am inspired to do a my journey art journal; meanwhile, my working bullet journal for spark, & another for OA. Report
Wow! Your journal is a testament to all your hard work... I love it! It's very visual, which is one of the ways I learn best. The page with the little footsteps showing pounds lost is such a good idea. I want to borrow a bunch of ideas and create something to document my journey toward better health. Could even help me get off this plateau!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creative approach. Just the Spark I needed. Report
I've just stumbled across this and WOW I wished I had thought about this when I started my journey. I'm sure its not to late to start...hum...I think I'll start gathering up my pics and get to scraping. Thanks for sharing this awesome inspiration. Report
Sorry, but sometimes telling the "truth" is just the politically correct way to be rude. If you can't say something nice..... Report
Journal looks good, but no guarantee, either. Need to show these people every year for ten years to see if it all "Still is working". Sorry, but that's the truth..........! Report

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