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Bouncing Back Into Shape After Baby

How and When to Start Exercising after Pregnancy


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I have done these exercises during pregnancy. I did a lot of walking as well Report
Great Article
thank you Report
good to know. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Breastfeeding helps lose baby weight also Report
Excellent article. Good need-to-know information! Report
Good article. Report
I wish I'd have had this information after every single pregnancy. Report
I think there should be an additional section for "complicated vaginal births"...The article, while informative, kind of assumes a vaginal birth is easy to recover from, but sometimes it can be almost as hard as if a c-section was performed. Labor could have been a VERY long process which is going to need more recovery, or additional procedures done during labor/delivery could need to heal first.

For example, when my son was born, he was a vacuum-assisted birth, which because he needed to come out quickly, warranted an episiotomy. I couldn't have dreamed of exercise until those stitches were completely healed! Report
Waist training helps a lot. Go try belly Brain waist website for information on waist training Report
It's interesting that they just "assume" that the person was in great shape "before", which is usually not the case, except for celebs and some fitness people out there. Just saying, it's going to take a lot longer for the average woman who just had a baby and not enough time to even sit down for a spell....................... Report

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