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Bouncing Back Into Shape After Baby

How and When to Start Exercising after Pregnancy


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I wish I'd have had this information after every single pregnancy. Report
I think there should be an additional section for "complicated vaginal births"...The article, while informative, kind of assumes a vaginal birth is easy to recover from, but sometimes it can be almost as hard as if a c-section was performed. Labor could have been a VERY long process which is going to need more recovery, or additional procedures done during labor/delivery could need to heal first.

For example, when my son was born, he was a vacuum-assisted birth, which because he needed to come out quickly, warranted an episiotomy. I couldn't have dreamed of exercise until those stitches were completely healed! Report
Waist training helps a lot. Go try belly Brain waist website for information on waist training Report
It's interesting that they just "assume" that the person was in great shape "before", which is usually not the case, except for celebs and some fitness people out there. Just saying, it's going to take a lot longer for the average woman who just had a baby and not enough time to even sit down for a spell....................... Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I gained alot of weight when I had my three boy's. I lost some and later on down the road I started to put weight on and it kept coming. Report
Yes Breast feeding helps but once I stopped (plus working full-time) I gained back all that I lost. Do any of you work full time? If so how do you incoroporate working out. I don't have a gym membership nor can I afford one, we have a small home so I worry that early morning work outs may wake the little guy up...he tends to wake easily in the mornings. I sweat like a crazy person so lunch time work outs are out of the question and since my son is at day care all day I really don't want to put him in child care after work for another hr and half to do a class. Report
I was determined to exercise and stay as physically active as possible during my last pregnancy. I even did a whole hour workout the day I went into labor. The nurses in L&D thought I was crazy. Within 1.5 weeks after having my baby I was feeling up to taking small easy walks with my double stroller. I know you need to wait 6 weeks and heal but I listened to how my body felt and I was back at the gym 2.5 weeks postpartum. I took it really easy though. I didn't even get back to running until 6 weeks but I was doing small weights and using the elliptical. I think working out my whole pregnancy helped me get back to the gym faster. I'm not saying that everyone should go back to the gym like I did so soon, but I think the physical activity level you set during pregnancy can determine how soon you can get back into working out. BF helped me get off some pounds too. I'm down to prepregnancy weight but am looking to lose some more weight that I had before having kids. Report
I agree that it takes creative thinking to fit in an exercise routine with multiple children in the house. When I let the kids watch a Wiggles show, I try to dance along. It's really high impact! Breastfeeding has consistently helped me lose weight throughout the first year of each baby's life. It surprises me to read that NOT getting enough calories can actually slow down our bodies' weightloss. After tracking my food on SP, I find that's the case for me. I have a 5-month old and I have not been able to reach my lower range of 2,000 calories or protein range with "healthy" eating. However, if I indulge in more food or unhealthy food to help reach the ranges, then I go WAY over in the carb and fat ranges. Does that matter when I'm nursing? Which is worse for a nursing mother: not enough calories & protein/just right carbs & fats OR enough calories & protein/too many carbs & fats? Report
This is incredible!! Report
I think these are great recommendations for people who have had their FIRST baby. The juggling becomes much more complicated after you have 2, 3, or 4. The lesson is to be creative and even 10 minutes of walking, stairs, situps, pushups are a great start! Report
Well... I have four children and I gained almost nothing during my pregnancies.... But!! Once the baby was out and I was breastfeeding, I was sooooo hungry! I was ravenous! I gained all the weight after the babies were born... Nursing my babies actually piled the weight on for me... Mind you, I don't regret nursing them. I just need to work extra hard now to catch up! Report
I have 4 children. First were twins, and then singles. I gianed less weight with my last one, but seem to be having a hard time shedding the baby weight of 13 pounds. All the other pregnancies I got the weight off within 6 months, but this one doesn't want to give. Report
I had 9 children and gained about 5 pounds with each because I didn't stay on top of the exercise. My hubby couldn't join me in walking, because of a bad back, and my little ones were very close together making an extra person pretty much a necessity. If I could do it over again, I would 'dance' with the kids doing the long as we stayed active ...together! Now we are a home schooling family and so I have determined to incorporate my w/o's with Phys Ed. Makes sense to me! :D Report

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