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Water Is a Secret Ingredient

Water: The Wild Card of Weight Loss


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Great. Report
water helps in so many ways Report
As you drink your water today be grateful to have it. Think of the many places in the world that do not have fresh clean running water. We turn on a tap and there we have it. The most basic need in life. Why would we not want to drink 8 glasses a day? Report
Drinking 64 oz and more of water daily is a great habit that I will continue. Report
water is the best Report
The Penny reminder is a great tool. I will incorporate this idea. Report
thanks Report
Great article. Report
awesome...thanks..... Report
I love the pennies idea! Thank you for a great article! Report
I incorporated this information into my blog today: Advice From my Doctor. Report
Because I don't like the taste of our well water, I buy bottled water. I keep the bottles in a special place on my kitchen counter each day until I have collected 4 of them (64+ ounces.) Report
I find a way to get my 8 glasses in each day, sometimes more. Report
Thanks. Report
I like that other than water fluids are considered "water" intake. Report

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