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I am going to start over again. 2 years ago I had lost 70 pounds and was well on my way to losing another 70 but I sustained a head injury which put me off exercise and work for the next year. Now I just feel as if I can't get motivated to do ANYTHING! grrr I gained back 40 pounds and want the gain to stop.

I am hoping Sparkpeople will be a valuable tool to help me on that path. Report
Hi, Im new here I lost 30 lbs, but have put some back on, hoping u can help me, started my healthy eating habits 2 day again. Had cereal ( hot grape nuts cereal with low fat milk), this morning. lunch was a ( spinach wrap with ham , low fat cheese, mustard, water ) , snack ( frozen grapes dipped in carmel & water ) , good start I think, dinner not sure yet. I use to be 115 and I wanna get back down. so ned encouragement. I'm 212, and wanna get to 115 again. my small goal right now is 180. Smaller goals are easier. :) Report
Hi, This is my first day. Setting up my planned food intake really was a heads up when I found that good for me avocado (guacamole) and sweet potato tortilla chips would have added 2000+ calories. Oops. Maybe that is why I kept losing and gaining the same 10 pounds for the last two years. My goal is 30 pounds off from where I am at 173, by October. I think the nutrition tracker is going to really help. Report
Thanks to each of you for your encouraging comments. To date I have lost 85 lbs; however, 4 months of doing nothing has led me several directions for help. The last 15 are the hardest to lose. Sometimes I just seem to forget there are others just like me struggling. God be with us all. Report
For me it back on sparkpeople, was off for two years cause had a eighteen hours driving so me my eating was quick fast foods, but now I am back after a couple non-fault wrecks but did damage to parts of body and the exteme weight don't help. Report
Lost 8 lbs so far in 3 weeks, on my way to the 30 lbs I would like to loose. I already feel like I am making progress. Thanks to Sparkpeople I have set some goals I beleive I can acheive. And logging food everyday has really helped me to keep the calories in control. Report
new here after 2 back surgery's i need to lose 60 pounds. I use the treadmill i'm restricted to 2mph im walking 30 mins a day. Report
Now is the time. I am upset with my weight gain. I know what is good nutritionally
and preach a good line, but what I say and what I do are not the same. I would like
to get back to my goal of 3 months ago of Vegan Before 6 because I felt better.
With my diabetes diagnosis, I was trying to combine too many factors, and went back
to animal protein. I actually craved it. I gained 5 pounds. I am determined to be plant based as much as possible, and need to track carefully. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Today I started a new chapter. Report
what did you have for supper. white castle hamburger and 2 fun size hershey bars and 2 cups water Report
Ok I've been here a little while and have been losing weight but I have had some problems the last 2 weeks and found out I have a large cyst on my ovary so I am having hysterectomy in a few days. I will have a large incision and Dr says no gym for 3 weeks. I am going to need some help on how to keep up with my motivation and my workouts after this surgery. Does anyone know where I can get some easy workouts to ease into that don't involve my tummy. he says i can do arms or legs to start that don't stretch my tummy. I am so upset about all this I was doing so good and now a set back. I don't want to lose my motivation. Feel free to send me some information or tell me where to find this info. Report
2014 will be the year my life will change. I am looking forward to loosing weight and gaining confidence. The most important thing in my life is getting healthy. Report
I hope this is the right place to submit my goals at this beginning stage of my participation: I am prediabetic and have high triglycerides. I have been advised to lose weight and get on a low glycemic diet. So, at this point I want to plan for I am eating for at least 3 days beginning tomorrow, 2/16/14. Report
I am new to this community.. what i am looking for is a guide to make a daily menu plan that will keep me on track of my low carb/low sugar plan. I would like any suggestions on where to find this type of daily menu plan... i find that if i have something that tells me what to eat each day that i can stay on track better. Report
I have just started this week tracking my food. I have done well, but I have not weighed on the same scale that I started with yet to know how much I have lost. I hope to post more in future. Thanks Report

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