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Nanamajik--Last year my orthopod insisted on replacing my left knee but not until I had had both hips done. I refused until my horse carked it. He did in April. My knee is booked in for November, but 23 kg (50 lb) lighter, I may avoid hip surgery or get away with cortisone shots. I have had severe arthritis (inherited) since 1980 and rode 3-4 times a week as exercise vector (walking, grooming, tacking/untacking, and actual work mounted) to keep me going.
JAlice8 Report
Hello im new as of today, i have several health issuess and one being asthma.I am struggling with severe arthritis in both knees. I had my first injection in left knee today. next monday the right knee. Bottom line is im overwieght an my dr. will not do my knee surgery because of weight. i fault no one but myself. I cant do too much exercicing,but i want to be a proud member of your program.My daughter came over and introduced me to you all. im excited but where do i start? My eating habits im sure and if thats all i can do now thatn im ready. Nanamick Report
Love the article, especially how to calculate the amount you are eating through the nutritional content in an already made recepy. Report
Great article! I came here to ask a question & found the answer here. Thanks! Report
This is good information about the calories. Because I was trying to stick with the same calories in my mind and not what Spark People suggested.
Thank you Report
Awesome.....I have been searching for answers to these FAQ's for years, nice to have this article printable. Now I know I can get back on track.

Thanks Report
This is on of the best artcles I've read since being a sparkperson. It made a lot of senseto me. Keep them coming!!! Report
Great article! I have only been a member of SP fora few days. I started tracking my meals right away without making any changes. I have found that I struggle to hit my minimum calories each day and that explains a lot about my inability to lose weight. Thanks to SP for getting me on the right track! Report
My future looks lighter thanks to Sparks People Report
I'm getting a true education being a SPARKER. Great article. Report
Great article, some days I do not hit my calorie mark. I never thought that it could stall the weight loss. I will be far more careful! Report
Very well written with great links to other questions posed. How about sodium? I've been tracking for DH and myself, and question to 'how much sodium do I need' has been posed. I believe the answer is 800 mg/ day. Thanks for compiling these questions into 1 article. Report

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