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15 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Healthy Groceries


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I buy & cook in bulk even for two of us. We shop at the dollar stores & local produce stands; also farmers market. We know ppl in our ag industry & are given free stuff too. I make lots of veggie soups & meals to freeze. Having an extra freezer & storing in smaller containers is helpful & has saved $$$ over time. Now w/ SP eating smaller portions so buying less meat & that has cut costs also. Report
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One of the biggest time and money savers we do is make a large batch when an item is on sale and freeze it. Report
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For those serious about saving $$$ best tip I ever got. Collect flyers- stores repeat their “loss leaders “ every month. So when coffee is an awesome deal on the first week of January make sure you buy enough to last till the first week of February! Write it on your calendar- you will feel like SUPER SAVER! Report
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Awesome article.. Great things to make you think Report
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I find that using air tight containers for storing my fruits and veggies separately in the fridge, also end up prolonging shelf life. My favorite container is LOCK & LOCK Airtight Square Tall Food Storage Container (sold on Amazon). I can store Romaine lettuce, celery, or spring onions in them with an inch of water on the bottom, stand them upright in the fridge, and my produce stays fresh and crisp as if I had just purchased them. The biggest cost of fresh produce is what we throw away due to spoilage. Report

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