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Busting the Top 5 Excuses to Overindulge During the Holidays

Strategies to Cope with Holiday Eating


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this was just what I needed Thanks so much

Good information. Thank you Report
Thank You, Weight loss and healty eating has been the norm in my family , I have just started to try to eat healty and became a vegan this July and have made some of the suggestions stated above allready, vegan turkey and vegetables; like collard greens with patatoes and hot peppers, sounds like a thanksgiving after all.

As a side note here; while buting meat alternatives watch the sodium, I have found massive amounts of sodium in store bought seitan and veggie burgers, making your own mock meats can be much more healther giving that you control the ingredients.

Healthly thanksgiving. Report
You are stronger than you think you are. Report
Thanks for this! I DID bring & ate my raw veggies & onion dip I made with non fat Greek yogurt! Yummy, but 3 cookies AND seconds for dinner. I NEVER do that! I even ate before we went, a lovely fat free salad, with chicken breast & egg whites. STILL too much food. Today is MUCH more controlled, no party today! Report
With Christmas approaching, this is a very useful article! I'm known to have fooled myself with all of these excuses... But this year I'm serious about losing weight so I know better, and I have an attack plan! I like your "If it's half-it, I can have it" motto and I'll remember it all through the holiday season! Report
I've started making "mini" treats. Instead of making a pan of brownies that I can cut any size, I make mini brownies in my mini muffin pans. When I make Christmas cookies (a tradition in my house), I make them smaller than the recipe says to. Nobody even notices!

I'm going to a neighborhood holiday party this week, and instead of making a rich dessert, I'm making decorated cake balls. This gives everyone the opportunity to taste the dessert, instead of eating a whole slice of cake. I do the same thing with appetizers. Report
Remember - if anyone should be offended by your responsible food choices, well, then, isn't it time to rethink that relationship? Report
Carrots, maybe...but low calorie dip is never gonna dance in my head.....And the mouse
Ain't ....that's right I said ain't getting nothing for Christmas....ok...perhaps some crumbs!

Great Article!
I have a party tonight, Thanksgiving next week and 3 parties the first week in December. Really appreciated these ideas. I also plan to track my foods even if I indulge as I tend to skip that task. I will even log the next day as I don't know what is on the menu. Report
Use and Ice Cream Scoop to control portions two scoops is about a half of a cup. I cook the Thanksgiving Dinner so there are plenty of veggie's for tomorrow. Report
Thank you for reminding people about the cookbooks at the library! We are often a forgotten resource in the fight for a healthier lifestyle!
I like Becky's suggestions for developing "a system of attack." The holiday excuse that I use most often is Special Occasion. I also eat more due to stress and nervousness. I've always felt very uncomfortable at social gatherings and rather than make awkward conversation, I reach for something to keep my hands and mouth busy. Having recognized this issue, however, I hope to make a change this year. Report
This is a great article, full of imaginative ideas, and you are a good writer! Report
Skip dessert & deposit a dollar in you box to give to a food bank for poor folks who can't afford bread! Report

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