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Enhance the Flavor of Your Food

Improve Taste without Calories, Fat or Sodium


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How could they leave out tarragon for poultry?

And then there's the classic, put just a little coriander in the grinder along with your black pepper. (Actually, I use cayenne pepper almost exclusively.)

But the biggest find I've made recently is sumac. It's widely used in the middle east, one of the oldest culinary herbs It has a wonderful lemony taste, and if you do a web search for it, you'll find a lot of health claims made for it.

Oh, and of course, I never make any kind of beans or soup without putting a piece of kombu kelp in it. Really amps up the nutrition, and it adds the undefinable "yummy" factor that's the other oriental taste.

We buy all our herbs and spices at a local health food store. It's incredibly cheaper, and everything's way fresher, has a lot better flavor than from the grocery store. Report
This is right on time for me as I am learning to season veggies and chicken in a more healthy manner. Thanks! Report
Great suggestions. But except for ginger & curry, these are generally in the European-US tradition.

For Latin flavor: cilantro, cumin, turmeric, plus diced jalapeno or other hot pepper (or cayenne).

For Thai: cilantro, ginger, lime juice, plus jalapeno or other source of heat. I consider this to be the most heavenly combination of flavors ever!

FYI for the person who asked: turmeric is an ingredient of most curry-powder mixes & is also used in many Mexican & other Latin American foods. It's not a strong flavor--can be added liberally to many dishes. Report
My favorite item for salvaging my bland, low-salt soups and stews--one chopped jalapeno pepper, and, of course, onions, onions, and more onions. Report
This is great inspiration! I especially like getting some new ideas for dressing up the vegetables! I am working hard to eat more veggies and they need to be inspiring! Report
I am the worlds worst cook. Maybe this will give me a better result. Thanks. Report
I am the worlds worst cook. Maybe this will give me a better result. Thanks. Report
Put this in my favorites and FB-liked it. Report
Thank you for this article! Report
I use honey mustard on my fish, pork chops, and chicken. It doesnt matter how I cook it the mustard seems to season it better. I can not have much sodium and alittle bit of the mustard seems to help. Report
i needed this!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!! :D Report
My all-time favourite dried herb is orgeano. Great for roasted vegetables. Report
I find flavor is an important part of eating healthy - when I add flavorful ingredients, I enjoy the meal more, eat less (because it's more satisfying), drink more water, and don't feel deprived. One of my favorite enhancers is jalepeno pepper. I try not to add salt. Report
I recently started growing my own herbs. I love being able to go outside and pick leaves right off the plants. Can't get any fresher than that! I'm watching my sodium, so I stopped using salt when I cook. The herbs taste so much better. Report

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