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Exercising with Your Dog

Pets Can Help Improve Your Health & Fitness


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great Report
Local animal shelters are always looking for people to walk dogs! When I was living in an apartment and could not have pets, I would regularly go to the local Humane Society shelter and go for walks or runs with dogs. The dogs all loved it! I was finally able to adopt one of them. So, contact a shelter near you and see if they have dog-walking programs or events. Report
My dog passed away in March and we won't be getting another one because we're away from home too much. When exercising with a dog, make sure it's one who actually likes to take walks. Pugs can't go far and aren't the best to "exercise" with. Report
Wish I had aDog Report
I love having my dog along when I exercise- we both benefit. Report
I read the exercise list in March and got our Dorkie in April. Sophie is just 6.5lbs. She makes us laugh and I must take her for a walk usually around 11 am and then again after supper. She follows me around the house and sits in the window to watch the children going and leaving school. A wonderful companion for hubby and I. Great suggestion for exercise. Report
I have two pups--Emmett, an English Shepherd who is just over a year old (and fairly high strung, so we HAVE to keep him tired!) and Lucy, a 5 month old Lab mix (1/8 pit-bull). They LOVE their walks, though they don't like having their walking harnesses or leashes put on. LOL. Once they are ready they are SO happy.
Unfortunately, since I don't drive, we are limited to our self-contained semi-rural area but we try to get to town on the weekends when my son in home. Report
We adopted Cora in May and I've been amazed at how much more I walk. She gets about a 20 - 30 mins walk each morning and several more during the day. I haven't changed anything in my prior workout routine; just added the walks.

Love it! Although I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to that morning walk in the snow and freezing temps :( Report
I have always credited my weight-loss to my brothers dog. She is my walking and jogging partner. Report
I take my border collie for a walk almost everyday. At our turnaround point there's a river and I let him swim. He swims around in circles and drinks as he swims, then gets out and is all refreshed and ready to walk home. :) Report
My Son has a Korean dog, He is just the best dog ever! He's been trained, His only problem He is a licker, but if you tell Him down, He'll quit! I just love Him! I have no animals, but I love cats. I may get one or the other! Have a Tremendous & Blessed
Tuesday! Report
Waaaah! Want, can't have. Report
Titan , my adorable Yorkie has traveled many miles with me.
My best walking buddy. Always ready. unless it's too wet.
We did some rain and snow walking one year, working on a streak. he stuck with me.
But the next rainy season, he wanted nothing to do with rain.
In case you wondered he has rain gear and if it was too wet or snowy I would carry him in his carrier , one that's like a baby carrier, strapped to my chest.
Good thing he's 7 lbs.
He encourages me to get out and walk when I'm not really up to it.
It might be a short one. but some better than nothing.
Spark on.
Tisha Report
I rescued my Lab Mix, from the Humane Society in August 2012. Since then, we have walked almost every day. She loves to walk, and gets very sad if she thinks we will miss a day! The only days we have skipped were days it was too icy to be safe! Together, we have logged almost 2000 miles! Report

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