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Plateau Busters - Part 1

Eat the Right Nutrients at the Right Times


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Great advice Report
Thanks Report
It is amazing how many folks say eating more is sometimes the secret. Report
Great reminders, thank you! Report
Thanks for the info. Report
The suggestions do have to be tweaked for individual health needs, but good ideas! Report
When I saw you I fell in love,
and you smiled because you knew.
- William Shakespeare Report
Carb auggestions are tooo high for bariatric patients. Report
Another great article to help me break this level Report
It takes a good combo of nutrition send exercise for maximum results. Find what will work for you. Report
Great article. I was down to my last 3 pounds and plateaued. Then I started gaining it back. I'm now up 10#. I will give some of these tips a try and see how I do! Thanks Coach Nicole! Report
Been on a plateau since early March. The only changes have been belly shrinkage! This article came at a good time. I've been furious with myself. Report
Starvation mode really only applies when you are literally starving ...and it still won't make you gain weight.. Now it's true that it's probably hard to get in enough nutrients below a certain level and I do agree that eating too little tends to make people want to go overboard when they do eat. Report
I really shouldn't read the comments sections Report
This "starvation mode" thing is bogus and I'm always sad to see a reputable site promote it. Sure, you typically need around 1200 calories per day to get the minimum amount of nutrition necessary for most people, but eating less won't cause you to gain weight. Routinely eating fewer than 1200 Kc for weight loss just typically leads to binging, "cheating", and unsustainable habits. Report

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