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Over 2 Billion Calories Burned!

State of the Spark Address #3


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Thanks SP! I'm going to help with this goal! I've joined the burn 3500 calories/week team. Not likely I'll reach that goal anytime soon, but every lil step/sweat droplet counts! Report
I really enjoy this site, and I a hoping that as my friends are trying it out for themselves that they too soon enjoy it and use it as much as I do. Thank you so much for making this all happen!!! Report is an amazing site!
I tell everyone I meet that is trying to be healthier about it. This is a fantastic resource! Your members motivate and encourage each other to acheive their fitness and weight loss goals. Why pay for prepackaged food when you can learn how to eat better and have everything that paid sites have and so well put together. I do hope that chat rooms are in a future upgrade to the site, that would be wonderful!

Keep suporting the advertisers to keep spark free! I know I DO! Report
Thank you for making this happen! I really appreciate SparkPeople being available!!! Report
In the few weeks since discovering Sparkpeople, I have made a lot of major changes in my eating habits and have finally regained the focus I need to regain my once healty lifestlye of ten years ago. I hope to get to the point where I can motivate others as you do. Keep doing this great innovative website. America needs you. Thanks.

Right on brother - I'm SPARKLING ALL OVER MY BODY - when I joined here about a month ago I was not interested in utilizing this tool, thought it was silly. Oh how wrong i was. Now I look at it as another motivator in my quest of a healthy lifestyle. I am proud too of my spark points and love this site. Thank You Report
oops I completed a marathon last year now I'm working on a triathlon! Report
This site has made a huge difference for me. We have been rather cash poor since I took time off to have my two younger sons and care for my mother in her last days. I ran a marathon last year. I could have let all that training fade away but this site and all the encouraging, generous and loving people have kept me motivated and focused. When my mother passed away in Nov. 2007 my teammates held me up and kept me moving. My sisters and I ran the marathon for her with the American Heart Association's Team Train To End Stroke
I feel like we are the ones who ended up with the gift. I am in the best shape I've been in since my oldest son was born. I am getting ready to accomplish a lifelong dream of completing a marathon. I stumbled upon Spark People while I was reading through MyPoints. I can't believe all of this life-changing stuff has been free, just for sharing with the people I consider friends. Thanks to the community we have at SparkPeople!!! Report
I do wish we had CHAT ROOMS. We are a great bunch!!! Report
I just want to say Thanks to everyone at SparkPeople. You all are awesome! Report
I agree with everything said....this site is amazing and provides motivation to so many people in so many ways and the best thing is that it is everything you need on one site and its FREE, your a wonderful person and you have done a very wonderful thing for so many others!!! Report
One person CAN make a difference, and you have made a huge difference in so many lives. Thank you for all you give to the world! Report
Chris, you are hero in this world! Thank you for such a wonderful site! You are a true giver of life to most of us:) Report
I completely agree with the other comments. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
Thanks for all you do! Report

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