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Too Much Work Can Pack On the Pounds

Overtime May Add More to Your Waistline than Your Wallet


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I totally agree with this article, but I would like to point out that switching jobs may not be the answer either...Many of us "workaholics" place this pressure on ourselves or take on too much thinking we must to get a job done. For many people, learning how to delegate. how to say no, and learning that we are not General Managers of the Universe is what it takes to combat the problem. Report
This makes alot of sense to me.

I have read most of the comments on this and I don't know what I would do only working 40 hours a week. I would be bored stiff! I normally log 85+ hours per week, 7 days per week. I haven't had a meaningful vacation in 6 years.

I've been an small biz owner for almost 10 years now, and just launched a second business. Before I started I was around 280lbs and now I am over 400!

Scary, but I have business clients who are the same as I am...80+ hours per week, every week. Holidays are just an easy day. Yesterday was memorial day and I received no less than 10 emails from clients about proposals. Report
Last, I used to work longer hours - out before daylight and back after started to get dark, usually 12hrs - than I should just so that when I back home, I would feel too tired to think of all my failure - relationships, academics, works (those last two usually involves with parents). Then, when I noticed I started to gain back my old weight, I realized this shouldn't happen to me, I need to at least have control at maintaining good, healthy weight if it's so hard to manage other issues in my life. It's a good thing I'm in a team that comfortable with chatting health and fitness subjects, especially my boss quite a good fitness role model for me. Now, I'm back to normal hour of 8hrs, I'm able to go back home early to do workouts, even though just 15 to 20, 3x a week. Report
I can relate to this article; when I worked in an office environment, I was more stressed, worked longer hours (including commute time) and would not prepare well for "feeding times", snacking from the vending machine when hungry later in the day. I'm now a telecommuter, working primarily from my home office, which allows me full control over my food choices, and also the ability to exercise before or immediately after work, since I no longer have to commute. Report
I can relate to this article 100%. About 2 years ago, I decided to lose weight the 'right way'. No weight loss gimmicks, no fat diets. I was going to focus on eating healthy and getting in as much walking as possible. I didn't have a scale in the house, and I didn't want weight myself. Found out through the doctor's office about over year later, I had lost 35 pounds. It was odd, because in my mind, I wasn't really trying. It just came off!

Then I took a new job opportunity. I was in the office 12-14 hours a day. Which only left time for fast food and take out. I was waking up tired all the time. My belly was bigger than the rest of my belly (probably from stress eating and the whole cortisol thing). I had gain all but 10 pounds of what I had naturally lost. Boo. Report
In my previous job, I had to work consistently overtime, I was very exhausted and also my weight was too much. In my current job, I usually could make short breaks between the tasks and was doing that naturally, until some project started. Already after few days of project work I started to feel very exhausted every day after work. I realized that there was no natural break between those kind of tasks I had. I started to plan very short 'coffee' breaks every 2-3 hours, and 1 longer break for lunch. This immediately helped me feel much better, even after very busy day with some overtime tasks. Report
I was working 6 days a week 10 hours per day at a family owned business. Didn't have time to shop or cook, was eating out way too much. Decided to cut back on the hours to leave time in the evenings to shop and cook more nutritious and healthy meals. Best decision I ever made. Report
I had a job that required me to work 50 hours a week, and when I would finally go home in the evening, my phone would constantly ring with problems that needed to be resolved right away, sometimes until 11pm. I became physically and mentally drained and unmotivated. I had no interest in cooking, packing a lunch or grocery shopping. I never exercised, because face it, it was not fun to start exercising and have the phone ring again for something else. I was so unhappy! My weight was out of control, I was stressed and sick, things were not going well!
In early 2007, I was lucky enough to have another job opportunity, so I quit and went for something else a lot less stressful. Sure I had to make sacrifices because the pay was less, and I have to work the night shift, but now 3 years later, I feel a lot happier, feel no stress, have a job that I enjoy a lot more, have time to exercise and have recentered my priorities. When I think about it, I can't believe I let a job affect my health the way it did. It just wasn't worth it! Report
i added another job to my schedule last year i don't have time to exercise like i did before and i miss not doinh that Report
This article is great - and the comments reinforce what I've believed about work/life balance and the impact on weight. I'm currently working on a project that requires me to get up at 3:30 a.m. each morning to catch my ride at 4:30 a.m., drive 95 miles one way to where we work (starting each day at 6 a.m.), work until 6 p.m., then drive the 95 miles back again - 5 days a week. I'm grateful to have a vacation week this Thanksgiving week, which has allowed me to catch up on my sleep a bit, and I'm feeling much better/more human! I don't have access to cooking my own food during the week - all I can get is whatever the convenience store has to offer, which does not include fruit or vegetables. The weight has really been coming on, and I hate how I look and feel. I'm so thankful for SparkPeople to help me get back on track, and to let me vent! Report
I left one job due to illness. My illness just got worse due to the long hours. ( i.e..Work 9-10 hours, get home, open my laptop and work some more. Weekends I was there all the time, Saturday and Sunday.) I've recently gotten better and now I've returned to the same "type" of job, due to necessity. I work some overtime, but their always pushing for more overtime and I have to push back. Working out keeps me sane. I get up early and work out most days of the week. I still have problems sleeping through the night, though.

I read a good article about how to get more sleep, but I forgot to bookmark it:(

Anyway, just wanted to say that you 're not alone....I'm not losing the weight, but I am managing to keep it steady.

Which is better than gaining, right?! Report
Not only do I work overtime everyday I also work the 3rd shift starting at 5pm and ending my day say somewhere between 3:30 and 5 am! Life outside of work is vertually nonexistant for me.. Report
I can relate. My job won't even allow me to get up every hour and when projects are due, we are expected to work long hours and at times both week end days. The pounds pile up! Report
Boy, could I ever relate.
If it was my job to be in shape, I'd be in the best shape ever!
I know life is all about balance. . . it's just commiting to the balance part which is the hard part.
JT Report
Wouldn't it be nice if we all had that option, to look for another job. This is an employer's economy. In my rural area, we have 2 large companies, one of which is closing. I work for the other one, and we have to work as many hours as they require, in order to keep our jobs. Report

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