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The Sleep Quiz

How Much Do You Know?


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Sorry, but having a TV in the bedroom works great for me when I am having trouble falling asleep. I usually don't have problems unless something is bothering me about family or work. A quiet bedroom only leaves me thinking about the problem. So, I find a "non-challenging" comedy TV show that I either stream or have on a DVD, put it on a sound level where I can just hear it, and close my eyes. Listening to the sitcom distracts me from thinking about my problems, and the light comedy puts me in a better mood. Eventually, I just fall asleep since, as I said, these are "non-challenging".

I never watch anything "heavy", though, immediately prior to sleep. It may either delay me falling to sleep as I am thinking about it, or I get traumatic dreams as my brain is processing it. Report
I think this is a great article...i learned something new...never knew that sleep apnea was so common and that there was danger in having it this some ideas ofhow to improve my sleep and also got the idea that teen daughter is needing to be set on a regular sleep pattern of 8-9 hours every resettin her bedtime to 9:30pm and that includes weekends except for special occasions.... Report

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