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Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Home Gyms are Practical and Affordable


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I have a 3 lb and 5 lb pair of dumbbells, resistance bands, resistant sash, and a tricycle.
I have several different DVDs. As for SP, ALL my DRs have approved of SP and I have given them cards to pass out to other patients. DR Carney, Art Carney's nephew, has given me high praise as did my neurologist, even though I am on a plateau. They know that the road to Thinsville can be rough, but have kept supporting me. Report
I had a treadmill in my home but it broke so now I am looking forward to getting another one plus I want to get me a bike. I have a extra room so I was thinking about making that my gym room. Then I think about when the folks come where will they sleep. Report
an inexpensive piece of cardio equipment is the mini-trampoline. It's easy on the joints and fun to use. Report
I have completely transformed my body at home with Coach Nicole and a set of 5 lb weights. Report
In my "lessons learned" buy good quality equipment, even used, is better than cheap, rinky-dink stuff whether it is weights or an elliptical. I wasted between $200 and $600 on inexpensive exercycle and elliptical and learned I won't use equipment that sounds or feels rickety. There's a place near us that sells reconditioned Precor equipment and it makes all the difference. My husband weighs over 200 pounds and when we got the Precor elliptical he started using it every day and it's now been over 3 years.

We started very basic years ago with just a ball and resistance bands (got a Nike kit for $30). They were very effective and we gradually added a mat (to replace the beach towel), rubber coated weights (more comfortable than just plain metal and easier on the hands if you don't wear gloves), a Bosu balancing board (which also comes with resistance bands and makes for an excellent all around work out). Craig's list is a great source and there is an amazing amount of barely used equipment - go figure (grin).

One last note, storage is an important factor for us as we don't have an entire room to dedicate. The elliptical is in a room where we can put a light weight screen in front of it and we reorganized a closet to fit everything else in - it did require prioritizing fitness at the top of our list because we did end up having to get rid of other things to make room.

Taking out and putting away the workout gear is part of our routine and it helps get our mind focused on what we're doing - not as much "mindlessness" as when we tried leaving it out where we would trip over it and eventually not really "see" it anymore. Report
I really hate going to the gym so I have accumulated an exercise bike, a set of bands, a set of weights of three sizes, a fitness ball, a mat and various DVDs - most Coach Nicole's. I also have a thigh exerciser and a gadget to help with abs strengthening. I have no room for any other large machines without taking up the spare room. A mini-stepper would be useful though as mentioned above.I live on the top floor of a mansion block and there are 175 stairs to my apartment - so I don't need a stepper. I also walk a lot - generally by the sea although I tend to be a fair weather walker! Report
Since leaving my years of gym membership behind about 18 months ago, I have steadily built up quite a nice collection of home workout equipment.

Of course I have DVDs (Jillian Michaels & Nell McAndrew being my all time go-to DVDs - I like to work HARD!).

I also have three sets of dumb bells of varying weights, a resistance band, and yoga mat and of course the great outdoors.

Since I've been working out at home and also running outside, I feel a totally different person.

My "gym" is always open, always empty except for me - and it doesn't matter what clothes I wear or what I look and sound like as I'm working out! Report
I am lucky to have a treadmill, and of course I have some videos too. What I would love but would never buy (because of cost and because I am afraid I wouldn't use it) would be a home gym. That would be so cool! Report
Nothing like a little rebounder for fun and getting aerobic movement! I keep one in my home office, and like to roll it out during audio webinars and conference calls. Report
Funny because a coworker asked me Thursday if I am losing weight. I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I had just finished Day 22 and am back in some pants I hadn't been able to get into for a whille. I was honest and told her that I am losing inches more so than weight, but yes, I had lost 3 lbs. She told me that I look great and complained that she has been paying for a gym membership the last couple of months and taking the time to go there and working out a lot, and she hasn't seen any change. Made me smile. It has been an investment of a $10 video and 20 min in the morning. I already had my 3 lb weights and a mat. Report
I definitely plan to have a gym in my home once I get settled. Report
I didnt have the money to buy dumbbells so I use soup cans instead Report
I would add wrist weights and ankle weights to the equipment list. I do many aerobic and/or walking videos while wearing wrist weights to increase resistance and calorie burn.

Also, your local library and Netflix are good sources for exercise videos. Both are good choices for trying out a workout video before buying, and for people who get bored doing the same workouts over and over. At my library, I can borrow videos for 3 weeks. Netflix has quite a selection of videos, unfortunately, very few are on streaming.

Your local PBS TV station may have exercise shows also - mine has yoga, pilates, and strength training shows. And, don't forget Youtube. Report
I too enjoy the viedos and the step by step instructions so I can get it right. My question is how do you know how many calories you burn when you do these excerises? Is the a number of sets I must do to achive that number? I'm using a resistand band (which is tied to the bottom of our couch). I can feel the burn when doing the leg excerise and I know it's doing some good. But how do you count this into your workout/excerise? Thank You. Report
I haven't the budget for a gym membership, nor budget and room for much equipment. I do have a nice exercise bike I picked up at a yard sale. I have a small collection of accessories: 2-5 lb dumbells, resistance bands, an abs roller that my husband bought and never uses, a jumprope that I hope to be able to do eventually, and a brightly decorated hula hoop thanks to a creative daughter. I have a couple of DVDs, one of which I won from SP! and between them and the wonderful SP videos, I've got plenty to keep me busy. Not to mention that a walk or bike ride is always an option as well. Report

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