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Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Home Gyms are Practical and Affordable


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I have two sets of dumb bells and a thick mat. We used to have a treadmill, but I've never enjoyed walking on one. I prefer walking outdoors, year-round. Tracked my 1500th mile on SP last month! I work out with Gilad's Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt everyday. They incorporate aerobics, body-weight, and free weight routines, and are free! I've saved them (almost 100 episodes) on my DVR, but they can also be downloaded online. I've lost over 50 pounds, and improved my strength and flexibility.. oh, and I turned 58 today! Report
I have a treadmill, an exercise bicycle, resistance bands, jump rope, mat, stability ball and hand weights. I've been using the excuse that I was working and didn't have time, but I was standing and walking for 6-8 hours a day. that was my excuse. most of my items are in the house, but the treadmill and bicycle are in my shed outside. Now I have no excuses. The shed is air conditioned in the summer and heat in the winter. I even have my own sound system out there. All I need now is to put my DVD player out there and use my exercise dvd's to work out with. I usually do that in the house. I have sciatic nerve problems, so don't do much with the jump rope, but I will do jumping jacks from time to time. I just get discouraged when I don't see any results, so I give up. Trying to do better, though.
We have weights, bands, mats, dvds, an elliptical and a treadmill.

We spent $150 on the treadmill new. It was a floor display (but set up on a rack and so never used) that retailed for $450. Our elliptical was $69. It was also new, a floor model that would have been $350.

You can find equipment at reasonable prices new. Maybe not the big name brands, but good enough for everyday, basic use. Looking at Craigslist is another option for used equipment at good prices as well. It's not out of reach. Report
It's amazing how many different workouts you can find that rely on just body weight and maybe a couple of inexpensive dumbbells. You may want to progress beyond these eventually, but for beginners there is no need to join a gym. Report
I have a vision in my mind for an at home gym. It includes a treadmill, row machine, and at least a leg press machine(more mirrors?). I do feel pretty blessed for the equipment pieces I do have. I have a nice collection of workout videos and dvds, a recumbent bike, good set of dumbbells and just purchased my first set of kettle-bells! I won't be getting that new gym membership anytime soon! Oh well, I won't have to make the 30 mile drive then! My next piece of equipment I have to keep an eye out for is a nice workout bench. Little bit at a time! I only pay to go to the Zumba classes in town. I just love being around other people. Belonging to a gym would be a plus, but it is so far away. Maybe I should just get a job there!! LOL!! Report
Practical movement can be the best exercise and can be done at or around home.

Martial arts have long been a big part of my exercise regimen and they provide an excellent workout. You think about how good an exercise running is and then realize it's the same movement (more or less) over and over; martial arts involve many different movements, that together work all muscles, with every movement starting with the midsection. And they're done at high intensity as interval training, so they can do a lot of good in little time.

If you add weapons to the training you have the effect of hand weights, but with a much bigger variety of movements, because resistance comes more from inertia than gravity, which pulls straight down instead of resisting in all directions like inertia. Plus you get more bang for your buck because you also increase your ability to defend yourself. And you don't need to buy special martial art weapons: use things around the house you might defend yourself with, like a hammer for example. Just be really careful with it so it doesn't slip out of your hand and destroy your TV. And don't hit yourself in the knee.

I also do running inside my house sometimes; short sprints, up and down stairs and things like that get you exhausted pretty quickly. Getting down flat on the floor as fast as you can and then back up quickly is also excellent exercise, and good self defense practice.

Even things like housecleaning, laundry, and gardening can be good exercise if they're done right, and you get useful things done while you exercise. The same goes for walking or running or riding a bicycle instead of driving whenever you can. And when you do drive, parking far from the store to avoid getting door dings adds more exercise.

So if you want to buy special equipment for exercising at home go ahead, but you don't need it. Report
You don't even really need dumbells. You grow out of dumbells pretty quickly anyways! Instead I perform a lot of body weight exercises and do pilates. Pilates has given me more of a workout than dumbells ever did.

I like to exercise on a mat. Report
I've worked out exclusively at home for years. You don't need the fancy equipment. Just a few dumbbells, DVDs (or free workouts on the internet) and a mat! I have an exercise ball and recently bought a resistance band as well, but I only use those occasionally. I also go for runs outside.

Love working out to Jillian Michaels, Jessica Smith, and FitnessBlender.
I live in a 32 foot 5th wheel. I have several work out D.V.D.s Ones that are for strength building, walking, cardio, stretching and breathing. I also have graduated dumb bells, stretch bands, ball and mat. I have a treadmill in the shed. It really does not take a lot of space to get a good work out. I also have an oxygen concentrator I must use while exercising. I do belong to a fitness center that I use for the pool aerobics, I do not need the oxygen to do that. Report
After falling off the fitness/weight loss wagon HARD over the last year, I decided to get back on my program. I recently purchased a few Leslie Sansone DVDs which I *love*! I have a multitude of small pieces of equipment for weights/resistance workouts and a mat. The only thing I don't have is a stability ball which I may get some day. I do have a gym membership, and I'm trying to get there two days a week after work so I can use the rowing/elliptical/Cybex machines. But I know that I can get a really good workout at home with the equipment/DVDs I already own. Report
I have all of the things listed in this article, plus a few more in a very tiny house and IT IS really all you need to get a great work out! And workout DVD's or the internet, like one person commented, is a GREAT tool. Even free exercise apps are great. I have a free yoga app that I absolutely love. So, if you are feeling dont need a whole gym in your house to get fit. These small effective items REALLY work. I have all of my workout equipment in one corner of a room in my house and use them frequently. Report
I have done Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred videos from You Tube as well as P90x is on there too. So if you don't want to buy dvd's all you need is the internet. Report
I have used my credit card rewards to buy exercise equipment. It makes it seem like it's free! I bought a FitBit, kettle balls, and resistance bands along with workout DVD's. Report
You could also check at Goodwill and flea markets for exercise equipment. Report

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