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Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Home Gyms are Practical and Affordable


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I do all my workout in my home or outside never a gym. Report
I have an elliptical, recumbent bike and weights. No excuses. Report
I built up my dumbbell collection over a year or so. All were second hand weights and so much cheaper than shop bought. Of course, weights don't early wear out so you can't go wrong buying used. Report
Since this article was written, free weights are a lot cheaper' made out of better stuff and they even have material on them so they don't slip out of your hand or roll around. Exercise bikes are cheaper, we have two kinds, they are in our tv room, we can use them any time day or night! Dancing to music is easier, too, if you have Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa for any darn song or even exercise music. Easy to do exercise at home these days. Report
Use to do videos at home and now do Orange theory once a week,out in park with a group 2x a week and treadmill at home on breaks as I work from home Report
Did Sparkpeople videos as my workout today, did jump rope and arms. Then quickly 3 ab moves to have total body focus going on. Report
I love my stability ball! Especially for back pain! Report
Thank you will try these workouts. Report
I have some weights, bands, ball, and treadmill. Now I just need consistency in using them! Report
Thanks for these ideas! Report
When I tore my rotator cuff, I was introduced to resistance bands. They are great for working that upper body esp my aged arms and I get results IF I am consistent.
Good information Report
I will get an adapter to use my own bicycle as a stationary bike for the winter. Going out for resistance bad/sn and higher dumbbell weight/s today So far have 1, 2, and 5 pound hand weights. . Report
I also use my own home stairs to walk up and down 5 times then moderate paced walking for 1-3 minutes, then 2 more such sets. I also use one bottom step to step up on one leg 15 times, then other leg 15 times, then same 1-3 minute moderate paced walk in between set. Saves space and money! Report
Cardio equipment is expensive for a home gym that you may not use. An adapter that will convert your regular bike into a piece of stationery equipment however is not. It's a great investment and will keep you in shape for the next "century" race. Also good is are pieces of ergonomic equipment. And don't forget the Total Gym - if you use it for nothing else you can row - I had forgotten what a great workout that could be until I could not do many other things. Report

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