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Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Home Gyms are Practical and Affordable


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Thanks for sharing. Report
These are great. The only reason I would need to go to a gym is for the pool. Report
Making a space that is 'your own' for working out at home is sometimes a bit of a challenge but if you can create that sanctuary - it's AWESOME! Report
More great exercises! Thanks! Report
I love working out at home, although sometimes I do work out as hard, something I must focus on... Report
This is what I want to do...Workout at home. I am trying to save up some money to get me a few things. I am on a limited income and can not just go out and buy everything I want. Report
I enjoy working out at home. Report
Excellent tips thank you Report
Turn your can’t into cans and dreams into plans. Believe in yourself. If other people can do it, so can you. ~ 3/29/18 Report
Great tips! Thank you! Report
Thanks Report
Good suggestions. With all the cold, snow and rain lately, working out at home is becoming a thing for me. Report
Good to know. Report

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