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Smoothie Smarts

Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Treats


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I go easy on the fruit, but I have a smoothie every day!
i also lead the Smoothie Team. This article will be posted there! Report
I enjoy smoothies several times during the week for breakfast. I usually drink the entire smoothie but I always allow for it in my calorie range. I never thought of freezing some into ice cube trays for an added afternoon snack. I'm going to give that a try. Report
interesting article Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I need to try this. I have a blender but have never made a smoothie. Report
Love my daily smoothie w/ unsweetened but milk, fruit, I also add grass fed whey protein, & spice it up w/ turmeric, ginger, &cinnamon. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Just started on smoothies to get enough protein. My minimum is 60 grams so adding a good protein powder helped me. I use almond milk 30 calories per cup, a frozen medium banana, my daily greens powder, sometimes I add 🍵 Matcha powder and some cumin and frozen berries. It's yummy 😋 and filling. Report
Good info. Love smoothies Report
Good information. Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Just had my smoothie, jiff peanut powder, milk and yogurt. Yum Report
I use Vega protein powder, frozen sliced banana, unsweetened almond milk, 2-3 oz fresh avocado. Healthy blend of ingredients. I tend to use just 1/2 of a medium banana to keep the carbs down as I have become sensitive to carb spikes and feeling very tired When my system crashes from to many carbs. This mix works well for breakfast when I have early meetings. I also add cocoa powder, unsweetened, or PB2 powder to change up the flavor without adding a lot of calories. Report
I love to make smoothies for breakfast...blend, sip, go! Report
They look delicious! Report

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