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Measure Progress Without the Scale

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Scale watching is wasted energy. Report
Scale watching is wasted energy. Report
Trying on clothes is really a good way to see your progress. I have been wearing clothes I haven’t wore in years Report
Thanks Report
great. Report
I almost never weigh myself at home. I don't often think about it. Report
I visit my doctor every three months and weigh in there. That way I don't get upset with the fluctuations and standstills or heaven forbid gains. Report
This is all fine and well, Spark, but this site is clearly driven by weight-based goals when it comes to the body stuff. Try running a report from the Track Weight section when you haven't put in any weight, just measurements. You get a message saying "no weight found," So if I want to run a progress report of my "success" I still need to base that around a scale, apparently. Report
I let my clothes do my measurement and weight. Because I don't want the scale to get me upset. Report
If don't weigh often I start eating more. For some reason the scale keeps me accountable. It is sort of like some mental thing, like if I don't see it, it doesn't matter....but it does matter because I don't want the pounds to creep back on. So I continue to weigh often but I keep in mind the day to day fluctuations and I it works well for me. Report
The battery on my scale went dead this morning and I don't have a replacement at the house...having with drawl symptoms, so yes, I probably watch the scale too much. It is kinda like gambling might be for some people....many times great disappointment, but oh the joy when I hit the jackpot :) !!!!! Report
I also weigh in too often and I am not always happy with what I see, but I only record the weight taken on the same day of each week, and usually find it to be down or the same, but I know pants that were tight a week or two ago, are now lose. Report
Lucky for me I've actually lost my scale lol so I'm not tempted. I usually take measurements to see if I've lost inches =] Report
I am a scale watcher, but this time have decided that there are other things that are more importnt than weight: better health; smaller size clothes; more energy; longer life. So thanks for the reminder.
However I will also reach my weight goal, no matter how long it takes. Report

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