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Put Yourself First

Reach Other Goals by Starting With Your Self


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I need to put myself first. Even before the crap way I spend my time. Report
And another article written solely from the female perspective. Report
thanks Report
Thank you! Good article! Report
Good article. Report
About October of this past year I realized that I had to start drawing a line that I would not cross, ie saying no more. This past month I have said NO to two really big projects that I am normally a part of and I am taking 2 days off from work in June for a personal event. I am a High School teacher, and taking time off during that time of the year is a NO NO, but it was important to me and I did it. First time in 20 years. Report
Putting yourself first, especially for health and wellness is not being selfish, it's being smart. Report
I try to do this but really hard when no support. Causes discord, tension, negativity. SparkPeople I can pull up videos anytime very convenient and no complaints about the cost Report
I have different priorities each day. I will insert myself when I need to. Report
I try to put God first and He takes care of my needs. Report
Very good advice! Report
great article Report
Good advice Report
Good article. Report

What a great article.................Thank You. Report

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