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Body Beautiful From the Inside-Out

Make a Healthy Diet Your Beauty Secret


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Thanks Report
Great information! Report
And use sunscreen! Report
This article needs updating! D3 and Magnesium should be on the list. Report
Great info. Thanks. Report
Article is from 2005, green tea has been found to hold no more magic than anything else. Read Nutrition Action. Many diet fads are begun by poor testing of products that the “testers” are producing and selling. Report
The writer lost me when it stated one should sip green tea daily. Green Tea is nasty and doesn't provide anything that cannot be found elsewhere. Also, suggesting to"limit" alcohol then says to avoid simple carbs is kind of off balance. I already have a vitamin chart so I skipped the balance of the article. Report
This is very good information. Thanks for the tips. Report
Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day. Report
This is good information. Report
Did anyone else notice that the model is holding an apple, but apples don't appear on the chart of foods contributing to the top 10 nutrients? Oh well. Apples are still healthy and taste good! Report
Ok Report

This Article is helpful and worth reading.. like this sight article:
Hope i am able to make me fit again... because of job i am losing my fitness .. Report
I believe I shall print out the chart so I can make sure I am getting in a wider variety of foods so I can maybe stop taking vitamins except for calcium~ Report

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