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An Introduction to Tai Chi

Meditation in Motion


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15 years is long enough to have come up at least with a link provided to recommended images.
Too bad, so sad.
I'm glad I read the article, as it kept me on the edge of my seat in hopes of finding material I didn't know already. It is good to have hope, even if it is eventually dashed. Report
Thanks for sharing only wish they were pictures. Report
I remember some of the moves from my tai chi years ago. I can't hold the stance any more. Report
I started Tai Chi almost a year ago and within the first 6 weeks noticed improved balance and strength. Really a wonderful exercise. Report
I bought the DVD 'Tai Chi Fit Over 50' right before my herniated disc in lower back happened. I still have pain, but I'm thinking it's time I give it a try now. I need to get my leg strength and balance back after almost 5 months of h-e-double hockey stick. So glad I can across this article! Thank you! Report
..wish there were photos.. Report
good information. Report
Somewhere I have a tai chi tape I bought some time ago; l need to get that out & start to practice agsin. Like many things it is more challenging than first appears & similar to yoga helps one to balance with shifting movements. 🐨 Report
Great info! Report
WoW! I need this! Report
Definitely looking into this! Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Thank you for an interesting article. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report

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