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Is Weight Loss Stressing You Out?

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Gained wt. for the first time in 62 Days and searched for an article to help me. I live for this program..its is my life. I see how that may be my downfall. I need to live a fuller life, make things happen. I will work on that. Monday through thursday I rock it...come friday and I begin loosing it...need to fill those days with something fulfilling. I do not share my defeats. I don't know how to do that. What will you think of me now that I have failed...that's my attitude. Report
I'm too tired to score it myself. Report
I must face the fact that I need to do this because of health issues and to get myself back into shape. If I do this I have a go chance of losing my diabetes problem, high blood pressure, and most of all the medications I must take for it and the problems that I have gained. I have had back surgery and the Doctors told me I need to lose weight to help the back pain that did not go away. I am hopeful to get rid of this extra weight. Report
I got a 14 and was surprised b/c I feel pretty realistic about weight loss goals and how I cope. Then again, I am not a great test taker and think some of the interpretations of the answers might be different if I had a chance to talk with the tester. Good reminders, though. Report
I got a 7 on this quiz, but I don't agree with the rationale for some of the scoring. Number 6 seems odd, because I know areas of my life will be better if I lose weight (can find cute clothing in my size! can fit on a plane/roller coaster, "normal-sized" chair without bruises on my hips! Less/none of the sore feet/joint pain from standing all day! Being able to clip my toenails without pain/ discomfort from squishing my stomach! Relief from PCOS symptoms!). Also, a decent amount of the stress in my life isn't going away anytime soon, so why put off weight loss any longer? Report
Thanks for sharing the helpful suggestions! Has anyone tried a program called Diet Free Weekends? It’s not a free ride to overindulge on the weekends, this program’s actually based on sound scientific advice that takes the stress and guilt out of dieting while still enjoying the foods you love. Just knowing you can enjoy your favorite foods promotes healthier eating in the long run because those foods aren't "forbidden" and you'll automatically readjust to better food choices. It's definitely worth a look if you like good food but sticking to restrictive diets sabotages your weight loss efforts. You can find the page here:
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Finally, some Truth! Weight loss will not make your whole life feel perfect, your health will improve, but the rest of the world will not treat you better because you lost weight. Your whole attitude might need to change. You will not be the toast of the town, and I find maintenance to be more stressful than losing the weight. Prepare for that, friends. I think that is why people go back to overeating, time and again. Report
Good quiz, but I don't know how much it will change anyone's thinking. I CAN say with clarity that accepting that weight loss is a gradual, non-linear process has been the most successful mental change I've made, and now that I've lost 95 pounds I think it's fair to say that it's working for me. Report
I disagree with number 6 being false, because weight loss can and HAS solved a lot of health issues for me. My cholesterol level has gone from extremely high to completely normal, I had a lot of pains in my joints, and now I feel good, I got winded easily, now I can walk alongside my fiancé in a store without falling behind or needing to stop completely, and I just feel better! And I disagree with number 11 needing to be true. I'm sure some people like to do that, but I don't. I find journaling when I am having any problems is a lot better than talking to others. But that's a personal preference. Report
This was a very helpful article for me. I have to really focus on: "The belief that you have to lose weight before you can start living the life you want only keeps you from creating that life right now." :D Report
I scored a 9! Yeah! I am not going to quit my new healthy lifestyle no matter what! Report
Nice article. Report
a wonderful quiz and very thought provoking.

I think it's a wonderful quiz -- thought provoking and blog worthy.

You can easily take the quiz without reading ahead.

I blogged my answers and then went back and scored it. Report
"Finally, the most important concept—if you scored a 0 on Question 6 (believing that weight loss will solve many other problems in your life), you may be expecting more than weight loss can deliver, setting yourself up for problems both now and after you reach your goal."

You cannot say this because you don't know what my problems are, losing weight will in fact solve many issues I am experiencing such as high blood pressure, it will help to ease the pain in my arthritic knees, it will help me to sit on the plane without needing an extender belt, and, hopefully, it will get me active enough to be able to to do things like hiking, walking or biking with my husband! Your interpretation of that question implies that I am thinking it will make me happy or solve my mood issues that lead to eating erratically...not everyone thinks that way when they see that question. Report
I think you totally 'hit the nail on the head' when you mentioned that we need to put our weight loss journey into a proper perspective. I definitely fall under that category of panicking if I don't do things the perfect and right away so that I could lose weight and end up getting that career and relationship I've always wanted.

You're right...I need to start living the life I want NOW, and let the weightloss part just be a smaller part of the bigger picture.

Less stress on me! Thanks for the excellent article. Have a great day. Report

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