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Lunch Strategies for Work

The Best Choices When You Don't Have Time to Pack


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I mostly packed my lunch when working w/ either leftovers or soup & sandwich. Cafe had a salad bar & hot entrees but not great
Prefer to grab a burger out at BK. Whopper Jr not too bad. Or Star burger from Carl's Jr.
Now retired we eat out once a day, late lunch. I like to cook but hubby prefers the social interaction. That's okay, I manage. We hit Denny's or a local place for soup or fish often. Report
Thanks for the great article! Report
I'm glad I have a plan B when for whatever reason I haven't packed a lunch. In addition to a gym, my workplace also has a cafeteria. My best cheap healthy lunch costs me $1.25. I buy one hardboiled egg and a side salad. I take it back to my workspace and add some unsalted mixed nuts and a capful of vinegar. On days when I order a meal, you can get an entree, 2 sides, and drink for $4.00. On Wednesdays, they have big specialty salads for $4.00. Can't beat the prices. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Good reminders. Some useful strategies here. Report
Consider the nutritional consequences before putting anything in your mouth Report
Great ideas! Report
Gotta do the hard work Report
Very good and helpful article Report
Great ideas. Report
Good article. Report
Great article. Report
Good info! Report
I usually take lunch. My biggest problems are the day when I have no leftovers from the night before. On theses days I will either wait until I return home after work to eat or I will pick up some fresh fruit to hold me over. I'm trying to do better. Report

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