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Increase Your Chances of Losing Weight

SparkPeople Message Boards are Proven to Work!


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Good article. Report
I have connected w/so many wonderful fellow-sparkers in the various communities. It is a total key to success. Just have t be sure that I use my time on line wisely. Report
I have the time since I normally get up early each morning. My excuse is that as long a I am eating something healthy, I track my food and water intake. But if or when I get the sugar craving... I do not track those empty calories.

Probably why my scale will not budge. Report
You can be own hete all day if you don't catch yourself. But it's so much great stuff. Report
I am in the same boat with many of you, not enough time in the day. I constantly forget to log my workouts. I do like to read posts while I drink a cup of java. It helps rev me up for my workout. I think being accountable is the key and when you make a habit of letting people know your goals and your progress you are more likely to follow through. Report
I love the message boards. They are a great way to get support and information. Report
I absolutely love Sparks People web site! I am inspired by all of you. I am really struggling with loosing weight. I think about food all of the time. when i journal i eat healthy foods , i love vegetables and fruit and fish and sweets , it is my portion control and probably lack of exercise and lack of drinking enough water. I do not like pops/soda so that is not the problem. I do not like to plan my meals ahead of time...... i just grab and go. HELP Report
I must admit I don't always post on the message boards - I don't have enough time and if I start reading posts and commenting/sharing I lose track of time and get distracted from my tasks of the day. Maybe I need to set aside a specific time to do just that if it will increase my success of losing weight Report
I've never been one to lose weight by chance as the title of the article suggested, so I've developed a habit of spending time when possible all over Funny though, I only arrived here because of sparkpeople in the first place. Thanks again! Report
i was reading an article to get spark points about increasing your chances of losing weight and it said that the message boards are a great place for encouragement and motivation, but as many have said there are lot of posts and only 24 hours in a day, meaning less ttime for excerise. I normally go on morning bike rides or hikes and when come back do my strength training then do whatever I want until my evening workout Report
you can spend your whole day here but you just need to set a timer just about and stop and get on with the day Report
I have a few of my favorite message boards that I check in on regularly. I agree, though, sometimes it can turn into too much time on the computer! On the flip side, it keeps me motivated, reading about other people's motivations and goals. So in the end, it keeps me eating healthier more often and exercising harder, so for me the extra screen time is worth it. Report
I agree, you can learn some interesting things, and keep motivation up! But, I do have to watch how much time I spend. Report
I'm glad that some people find the message boards helpful, but it doesn't follow that any person who starts using the message boards will end up being more successful. Personally, I find less screen time = more exercise. Report
I agree with ruthxg it seems there is so much reading we don't have time to do anything else but sit at the computer and read read read and post on message boards. Report

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