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Make the Most of Your Seafood Catch

Selecting, Cooking, Freezing, and Storing


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I love seafood, especially shrimp and lobster. I am so glad that it is healthy for you. I eat seafood about 4 times a week. I believe if you cook it properly, like the article says, everyone would love it also. Report
So I am from New Orleans, and I use the log on Sparkpeople daily for nutrition..... but the only thing spark doesnt have is crawfish..... So does anyone know how many calories would be in a pound of crawfish? This buggssss me..... I wish I knew hehe Report
I love fish as well, but it can get kind of spendy, but when I do make it I tend to eat to much because I do not have it that often, I wish it wasn't so exspensive I would eat it a couple times a week. Report
I love fish but don't buy it or cook it very often (too expensive) but I will definitely be taking these tips with me next time I shop for fish. MMMmmm ^.^ Report
As a Floridian, and avid fisherwoman, if the fish is fresh it won't stink up the house. Another way to retain freshness is with a vacuum sealer. We bring our "Seal-A-Meal" with us when we go to Keys so we can seal and freeze the fish we catch immediately after we filet it. Report
ty again Becky for another great informative article and well written. I hate fish and the fishy smell. Hopefully these tips will help me too eat more fish Report
I dislike smelling up the house by cooking fish. Best to cook it outside on a grill. Report

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