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Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

(Even if You're Not a Morning Person)


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Sometimes hard to get up in the morning, but this can help, thanks. Report
The evening workout works better for me as I”m not in a rush to finish and can take my time, enjoy winding down in the sauna and don’t have to worry about changing again. Whatever works as long as you get your workout time in, SparkFriend. Report
I would rather exercise in the morning because I am exhausted after work. (I'm a second grade teacher) My problem is doing it every morning. Report
I am not much of an exercisers at this point. I am getting my 10 min in, and I try to do it in the morning otherwise I dreaded it the evening. Report
I love working out in the morning. Because I'm not a morning person, it gives me more energy first thing to get my day started a little bit easier. It also helps me start drinking water first thing, which encourages me to stay hydrated. It also helps me to focus better once I get to work as I have broken through my usual morning fog and sluggishness. Finally, it allows me to get my workout out of the way! Win, win, win! Report
I walk early each morning. Then I'm done and nothing gets in the way later in the day. It started out as an awful chore when I walked later. Now I hop out of bed and put my clothes, make a quick breakfast, drink a cup of water, eat my breakfast while I'm walking. Its a great start to the day and no longer a chore. Its something I enjoy doing. Report
I mix it up, early AM, late AM, after work, after (light) dinner Report
This sounds like something I can try on days I don't plan on kayaking or golfing. Get my treadmill out of the way first thing. Report
I only exercise in the morning. Report
im so not a morning person. "ill still be fast asleep" will not work, sorry. Report
interesting Report
I wish I was a morning person! I always feel more accomplished when I exercise early, but I find sleep overrides that most days. Report
I'm a morning person so love getting the day started off healthy!! Report
Early morning is the best time for me to exercise. Report
Anything that gets me to make exercise a routine is positive. Report

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