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Weekend Survival Guide

Stay Healthy and Still Have Fun!


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Good article. Report
good many times I have an all or nothing mentality.....if I mess up just once....I have blown it for the whole week end.....or I am so strick during the week that I tend to think I owe it to myself to "relax" on the week end.... Report
I think it's easier on the weekends for me because we like to sleep in on Saturday - then we have a meal around 10-10:30 and 4:30-5. On Sundays we have our big meal after church so sometimes at night we just have a snack. Report
Remember that if you splurge on Friday or Saturday -- or even Sunday morning -- you don't have to wait until Monday to resume your healthy lifestyle. Report
Great article! I ALWAYS struggle to stay on track over the weekend. Too many temptations to snack and eat meals at odd hours. Good tips! Thanks Coach Jen! Report
true true...the weekend is an opportunity to do more healthy activities!! Report
Good ideas! I love that most restaurant's menus are available online. You can plan ahead for nutrition and get to chat more instead of being busy reading the menu! Report
I have been doing all of those things for some time now except the tip about setting weekend-specific goals. That's a new thought to me, and one that I think is definitely worth a try!!! Report
I sure needed this! SO work 3 on 4 off then 4 on 3 off. Report
I needed to see that. Now I put pizza on my tracker for tommorrow so I am prepared for my nephews birthday party. What a relief Report
I agree with the idea of letting yourself have a treat occasionally. Instead of beating myself up about having them, I figure whatever I'm going to have into my food plan. I find that now I tend to not crave stuff so Dairy Queen's chicken strip basket with the country gravy!!
Blessed be. Report
Its funny but the w'ends are no problem for me. I tend to squeeze in MORE exercise...I even make either Saturday or Sunday what I call my "marathon" day. I jump on the treadmill for 10 minutes every 3 or 4 hrs, I take my dog for extra walks, I do extra crunches here and there. Report
Great article. There's ALWAYS some excuse to go bonkers on the weekend. Keeping a water bottle on hand and planning ahead seem to be the keys for me. Also I avoid taking any sweet leftovers home with me, because I'm the one who has the most difficult time resisting them! Report
Weekends are so easy for me. During the week, I have to eat when time allows and what I have on hand. There's only so much food that I can have/prepare at work. I don't always have what I feel my body needs, so I end up eating more of other things to try to compensate. Being able to eat what I want when I want on the weekends makes me consume much less. I still have trouble limiting myself at parties, but it's much easier to prepare for them when I have more dietary resources at my disposal. Report
The best way to cut down on drinking sodas is-- DONT DRINK ANY AT ALL,DRINK ONLY WATER.Its easy if you make a DECISION.Your body gets used to it and helps you in the process because you no longer crave it.The best way is to alcalize with green drinks and then the taste of sodas will feel sickly in comparison. You will lose weight and feel great ,Go for it ! Report

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