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''What I Learned by Running Around the World''

10 Lessons from a Man Who Ran on 7 Continents


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Wow, I just found this article, and I am amazed. Shows that ANYTHING is possible. Report
Simply Incredible Report
This was inspiring to me. I am glad that I read it! Report
Joe, what a fabulous article. The March of Dimes helped my mother when I contracted polio in 1950. They are a wonderful organization. All the work you have done is amazing. Thank you for your comments, which are so basic but yet so important. Report
Awesome. What a help for me today. Thanks for sharing the insight, and inspiring us. Report
How inspiring to read about Joe and others whose hearts are so in tune with others needs...thank you for posting this. Report
Joe discovered something that many people that spend much time in the outdoors realize is true: It didn't all just "happen". The diversity, intricacies, and rhythms of nature are not some cosmic accident, but part of a divine plan. And I'm so glad it's true because knowing that I am created by God gives my life purpose. My life has value (even if I'm not at what I think is my ideal weight!) because God says it does. God said, "before I created you in the womb, I knew you." What sense of worth and purpose can we derive from believing that our existence is an accident of evolution? Yes, there is sickness and evil in the world because we live in a "fallen" world. And yes, God could make everyone well and prosperous, but he knows that difficulties can strengthen us and the way we respond to them can bring honor to Him. Report
As a pagan, I see the "God" part this way: There is a lot of pain and ugliness in the world, but there is also mind-bending loveliness, good-heartedness, and joy. Seeing and appreciating the beauty in the world makes us stronger and more peaceful in the face of the pain and sorrow. So if "God" doesn't speak to you, believe instead in the power of goodness and beauty to heal. Report
Love these wonderful insights!!! Report
This article is a keeper, it's an awesome reminder of some of the so called smaller things in life that mean so much and we sometimes take them for granted.

Butterflie21 Report
I was with you all the way till you got to the "God" part. Is this the same God who blessed your mother with polio? The Africans the poverty of bare feet? Can't we all just grow up and enjoy and share the only life we have. Report
Wow! Thank you! I think I needed those reminders today! Report
thank you for sharing this amazing, inspirational story. Report
What a great article! Very inspiring! Report
He is a great ambassador. I can relate to this article on 2 different aspects. My husband contracted polio from the vaccine but is as healthy as an ox...he is my running, biking, and hiking partner. The only thing different about him is that one side of his body's muscles are smaller in appearance, but not in strength. The other relation is that I am an advocate for March of Dimes. My brother and sister-in-law lost their twins February 3, 2007 because they were born at 21 weeks. Now they are pregnant with a so far healthy boy that is due May 25th...I will finally get closure for losing my niece and nephew, but I will always love them and remember them forever. I will post my walk america team's website if anyone wants to contribute to the cause. Report

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