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''What I Learned by Running Around the World''

10 Lessons from a Man Who Ran on 7 Continents


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Very good article, I believe life is worth living if there is a great balance of everything that make someone feel good inside out. It varies from person to person. For some people it might be either or spiritual, mental, psychological, physical , financial. But, they will not be achieved without maximum efforts. As soon as the goal is met. Everything else are history. Report
This is by far one of the best, most inspiring stories I have ever read!! Report
Thank you so much for sharing this man's story. Report
I've read it before and I'll read it again! Inspiring, to say the least. Report
Oh. Wow. Just, wow. Report
Now this Article inspires SPARKS !!! I am left with several new goals after reading this Article. It has inspired me to get back on track and to really remember what IS important to me. Report
Wonderful article--read it twice. The only thing I disagreed with is saying retirement is a selfish act. I was glad to retire and see a young deserving person get a shot at my job, Jobs are now extremely scarce, and since I had access to a retirement pension and the young fellow did not, I think it would have been selfish not to retire. Part of good aging is "knowing when to surrender the things of youth," and I don't see why it is selfish to move over so someone younger can have a decent chance to earn a living. I do not consider myself selfish for preparing the young to take my place. To hang onto a job I didn't need while a young family was unemployed and losing their home strikes me as way more selfish--he needed it, I didn't. Report
What an absolutely inspiring and down to earth article. It is an inspiration to anyone who reads it. Thank you. Report

It take's me forever to get around to reading these articles.
I love reading about aventures, events. and I just lived a life time by reading your article.
It's very inspirational reading,
I've been to Japan but OH how I dreamed to travel around the world.

Thank you so kindly for this beautiful writen article.
Thanks for the inspiration and timely advice! Report
What a great story and very inspirational.
Thank You! Report
REMARKABLE!!! How interesting to read this article. If Joe has written a book, I sure would love to read it. Report
Good story.
My mom, too had Polio as a child. Deals with Post Polio syndrome today at the age of 85.5.

However, I cannot suppor the March of Dimes anymore. I found out they ALSO give money to support Abortion. That floored me when I read that. They are supposed to be there to HELP children not help pay to keep them from being born. Report
Another inspiring story. My oldest brother developed polio at the age of 12. He never was subjected to the body cast which was the popular treatment at that time as there was no room left for him in the hospital. Our Mom read an article in the Readers Digest that told of a treatment in Australia of hot packs and massage.!!!! He credits our Mom for saving his life and his ability to walk. His spine and the muscles in one leg were affected and his doctors told him that his life expectancy was 45-50 years old. He lived a full healthy life and passed away this past Jan at the age of 80!!!!
Our faith is in an awesome God.


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