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''What I Learned by Running Around the World''

10 Lessons from a Man Who Ran on 7 Continents


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Good article. Report
Great article, great lessons learned! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment and your awesome fund raising! Report
Finally an article I totally agree with. Report
Best article I've ever read on Spark in the three months I've been a member. Report
Love the thoughts. Pertinent to all of life, not just running. Report
Two years later and I read it again! Just awe-inspiring! Thanks again! Report
Awesome story. Very inspiring. Thanks! Report
HI,I loved what you had to say in your article!Plus,the number 7 is mention a lot in the Bible.Wow,you sure did have a lot of inspiring stories to share!Thanks for sharing with us!**I like the part where you shared about Ruth,never too old to try anything you enjoy!
I loved your article!! It (and you!) are truly inspirational and uplifting!
Interesting and motivational article. Thank you. Report
This is still awesome Report
Congratulations! Your article was inspiring! It has made me stop today and be grateful for all that I have and it has given me strength to continue my journey to be stronger and healthier. Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Report
One of the most inspiring articles I have read on Spark! It just goes to show you how much we can achieve when we set our hearts and minds to it! Report
An inspiring story, but. . .as a mother of twins born prematurely (less than 2 pounds) I do not support the March of Dimes. Their message is one that has been extremely damaging to parents of children with disabilities or who were born prematurely. There are many reasons babies are born prematurely or have disabilities that have nothing to do with smoking, drinking or taking drugs, but the MOD perpetuates this myth. Report
Wow, this actually made me tear up. Report

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