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One Day at a Time - Part 2*

Donna's Slips into a Size 12


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Good article. Report
I'm a type A personality and always am starting over. Everyday is a beginning for me. I've always been very busy and still am. I can see how much slower I am than I used to be. I took care of a husband and three children. I worked full time, cooked meals, cleaned house, took care of my yard and vacumed at least three times a day. there were always birds,cats,and a dog to care for also. Now it takes me all day just to straighten up my house and take care of my birds and dog. I don't want to cook for one and skip meals because I'm just not hungry. My passion has always been to paint and create. I also sew and whatever is creative for me. Thankyou for your inspiration. I'm starting again today. Maybe not as fast but I keep on keeping on. Nancy Report
While I have always been the thinner sister, (I only have one) I was always the thinnest coworker. Recently though, (in January) I switched from managing our corporate office to an office closer to home, and that had better hours for my children. Well, was I in for a suprise! There are now 3 of us managers total and I am the youngest by over 20 years, (one is 42, the other 52 and I am 26) and I am BY FAR the fattest of us three! They look like teenagers and I look like the fat old lady! I never looked at my 165lb 5'6" frame as being overweight until I looked at the two of them. I realized, though, that my body wasn't in any way, shape, or form healthy! While I know it's not quite the same as being the overweight sister, these 2 women are like surrogate mom's to me, (who BTW is ALSO thinner than me now thanks to her weight loss program). Your story though gives me encouragement and I realize that this is going to be a lasting endeavor if I want to lose the weight and keep it off! Thank you for sharing :) Report
I have ALWAYS been the heaviest of my four sisters! Thank you so much for your post. It really is inspiring. Report
I can see myself in your story. I am the fat sister, my younger sister has alway been a size 2 and me going to the plus store online. I don't want to be a size 2 , I want to be heathly (no knee pain) and able to do things with my family. Report
I enjoyed the story,I cant see myself at 130lbs ,maybe at 150lbs some day . Report
What a great story. I am also the "chunky" sister, and always have been. You are sticking to your guns, and I love it. Very motivating. Keep up the awesome work! You have made me feel much better about my quest for health and thinness! =) Report
Congrats!!!!! It takes a strong will to turn down Mom's treats.Your on your way to where you want to be. Keep up the great job!!!! Report
I can relate to Donna's story. My sisters were always the thin, trim ones and I was the "curvy" one but oh how times change! I'm still the curvy one but it's fit and trim curvy. The kind that gets you noticed. They also weigh more than I do.
I also understand Mama feeding you. Mine used to make my favorite desserts and southern comfort dishes too, including yeast rolls. I find myself doing the same thing to my daughter and after reading this story, I know I've got to stop. I'll only make them if she asks me too.
Donna, stay encouraged, focus and motivated. Know you're not in this alone and your Spark friends are here for support!
Congratulations on your succcess!

Is your diet sustainable? I mean, are you ever going to eat cobbler again?

Seems to me you are on such a strict diet sooner or later you are going to fall off the wagon then what happens?

Seems to me the better strategy would be to eat healthy and budget a certain amount of calories for indulgences like a serving of cobbler.

I think your diet should be something you can stick on for the rest of your life and I don't think that having to be so stoic is something you can stay on indefinitely. Report
I read your story....& I can't believe how much this story is a lot like my own...
You have encouraged me to stay on track.....keep up the great work.
I often lie about how much I have eaten thruough the day.....I guess I hope that if I don't admit to wont all go to my hips....LOL
but you & I both know that is so far from the truth....being accountable is the only way to go....Thanks for your story.....Lil jenn Report
Great inspiration! Report

you are a wonderful person....continue to strive for your goals and above all, be your own best friend! good luck, duan Report
I really am enjoying your mini blog, your a strong woman, I live with a 15 yr old son and a 39 yr old fiancee who refuse to diet (fiancee is 100 lbs over weight) they get junk food all thtime and i have to buyt it, been so hard to not get myself some lol been holding strong tho. good luck to you :) Report
Your story was great. I really liked the entry on 5-6 about the chocolate pie staring you in the face. I started a few weeks ago, but haven't really watched what I ate. Now is a new beginning. I'm going to try and plan my meals the night before. Thanks for you story. Jann Report

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