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Goals That Help, Goals That Hurt

Remember to Think Positive


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I have to work at reframing my goals into positive a. Instead of “no soda”, I had to reframe it to “ more water”. Instead of “no ice cream” it is “more fruits”. Report
I have to work on out with the negative, in with the positive. Thanks for reminding me. Report
This definitely hit home! Excellent points to consider when setting up my goals. Report
some specific positive goal examples would be helpful Report
Good ideas. Thank you Report
Using positive words help far more than negative words.
Setting yourself up for failure is a very real things. Ver real.
This was a useful article - succinct and informative Report
I think the ideas are right on point. Report
thanks Report
Thank you for sharing Report
make sense and very useable, thank you Report
All of this makes sense and has jogged my memory going back to when I did have healthy eating habits. Yes, I did have a don't eat this or that set of mind until my friend came in with two suggestions."Eat more of this ___." Also, "Don't eat much of 'this' as it is not your friend." They worked. That year I lose 115 pounds. My problem was I didn't do a maintenance program after I'd lost the weight. Report
Some great insight Report
Goals... yes! Report
thank you Report
Good to have positive goals, I'd say. Thanks. Report

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