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Step Out of Your Workout Rut

Which Culprit is to Blame for your Fading Energy?


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Good article. Report
Need to change my routine. Report
Need to change my routine. Report
thanks. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Good info Report
Good to know. Report
Great information. Stress IS a bugger. If I get myself to exercise, I feel so much better! Report
Trying to mix it up more often. Report
Need to get out of my rut! Report
Thanks for sharing...I think mine is boredom/excuses....I will definitely do better! Having lost 138 lbs from Spring 2012 to Fall 2016 and then gaining weight over winter/spring 2017 to the point where I'm now 99 lbs lost, it's time for no more excuses!!!! Report
It's not easy to switch up your exercise routine when you have physical limitations. For me, treadmills are out of the question (the pounding hurts my back). I have to use a recumbent bike. I can use an elliptical but only for about 5 minutes max. I do not have easy access to a swimming pool, so water exercises are out as well. It's very easy to say "switch up your routine" when you can do that. Remember, though, some of us can't. Don't make us feel worse than we already do. Report
Thank you. I try to switch up my exercise. So I can keep it up. Report

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