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Getting on the Treadmill

5 Tips for Beginners


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The first step to using the treadmill here is moving the sleeping cats. Manual use is harder on wrists, but gives a different type of workout to the leg muscles. Report
Thank you Report
thank you Report
I do appreciate having a treadmill. Report
Great article...............Thank You. Report
Sometimes I can't get onto treadmill like I like so I have to do extra walking in the house. Report
Good suggestions. Report
Great article for me. Can't do a lot of the exercises because of back problems, but can walk for exercise. Have treadmill at home. Report
Even tho the treadmill works--and therefore I use it--I still prefer making some Vitamin D by walking/jogging/running in the sunshine whenever feasible. Report
I use my treadmill a lot; about 15 miles a week. Make sure when buying a treadmill that the machine can handle speeds of 6 miles or more an hours for more. Even though the treadmill says it can, doesn't mean that it will and not burn out. This is the experience I had with my first one. Report
Some good tips I wished I would have seen this year ago Report
Regarding the tip to consider purchasing one for yourself at home--when I first looked into buying a treadmill I noticed that pricing, features, guarantees, and reviews were all over the place. When I found one I liked and started searching reviews, I noted that the majority of people LOVED this brand--but about 20% got a "lemon" (something was wrong when it shipped to them--parts damaged or missing and assembly was difficult). I solved this issue by using my local craigslist to find someone who had a working treadmill of that model (all ready assembled and NOT a lemon) but who no longer used it and needed the cash for the treadmill instead of it. Win-win scenario! Report
Great tips!. Loved it. These guys also put together a nice tips article.
ng-tips/ Report
Definitely prefer outdoor walks but the treadmill is part of the routine in inclement weather. Report
I love my treadmill! Report

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