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The Benefits of Eating Together


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Unfortunately it has been so long since my family and had a meal together. Report
Eating dinner with my partner and kids has become so important to us. It’s the one time we all have to sit and enjoy each other’s company. Report
We ate together for a long time (stopped when my kids' jobs got in the way). We still do when we can. When my ex and I divorced, I made sure to eat supper with them every night. Report
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Great article. Report
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good article Report
I grew up in a home where both parents worked, and we made sure we had one meal a day together as a family. I am now a senior citizen and till today,I try to have at least one meal together with my children, if we are all at home. It has helped us stay connected as a family all these years. Report
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We always eat our dinners together. Report
We’re still working on those manners! Report
Every grocery store visit the kids get to pick 1 new thing each time, and Saturdays we try an international meal with as authentic ingredients as possible. It's a lot of fun and both my kids aren't very pcik eaters because of it, willing to try new things pretty easy, since we have done this since they were tiny babies. Report

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