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An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

Get Moving to Relieve Discomfort


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I went through ,menopause at the early age of 36 quite distressing at first but now fully over that now it is not a nice way for women but we all go through it. Report
Does anyone else suffer with the "meno-pot?" Where does the constant nighttime bloating come from? I'm guessing hormones!! Help!!!!!!! Any ideas? Report
I'm 59 never had menopause symptoms yet. I wonder if it is because I alway exercise even if it is in moderation some days. I eat healthy all the time since I joined Weight Watchers. Sometimes I don't even know If I went through menopause yet or not? Report
I am 37 and am in menopause. My mother and grandmother were in their 50's so I don't know the reason why I went through this at such an early age. Report
I am 43 years old and just started my journey. My periods started to be very irregular and now even more so to the point that I have had my period for over a month on and off. The first couple of weeks I was in excruciating pain, since I also suffer from Endometreosys adding to my discomfort... but in the last week it has not been as bad. My mood swings are another subject... although I don't let my honey know it - I know he goes thru hell with me. LOL he just tries to avoid me and tries to enjoy the days that I am tolerable. LOL. I guess his mother gave him the heads up on what to expect.

The worse thing for me right now is not knowing when to protect myself just in case of a bleed out (as I call them) but I have been managing... although going thru boxes of tampons and pads to do it. But what can we do. I am just so glad that I decided to change some bad habits before this since I have heard that it gets tougher to do later on.

Well, good luck to all of us... and more so to the poor husbands/boyfriends with us, LOL... and I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Jersey Girl,
ALI! Report
I am 45 just starting the perimenopause journey...just today I am looking into bioidentical hormone therapy and the risks little is known about it...I am having al lhe classic symptoms a period that never comes then shows up and lasts two months...yuck...Im just fed up with it and Im virtually a newly wed....anyone been there?Help in Nova Scotia! Report
I have severe hot flushes and have just commenced on HRT. It was becoming such a problem at work ie. my glasses would fog up because I was so hot and sweat would actually drip from my face onto the work on my desk. Sleep is also a problem with the night sweats. I workout at the gym 4 times a week and that has not noticeably helped me. So I hate to imagine if I didn't exercise what I would be like! Report
Ok, I have done nothing, I am 52, having decreasing periods, mood this the begining or the end of menopause. I am fat, sedentary and the rest of you make me feel very inadequate. Is it too late to try to get some weight off? Or has my horse gone through the gate...never felt a hot flash and as I live in the tropics, would I even recognize one from a very hot day? Report
After my hysterectomy at 31, it took my several years to come off the hormones. I'm lucky enough they were able to clean up and leave me one overy. The weight problem since then has been horrible. It seems like I can gain 10 to 15 overnight! I don't have the mood swings or the hot flashs like I did in the first few years and I'm 39 now. It's just every now and again. I don't look forward to the day when that overy finally gives out but I hope everything I'm doing now will help by then. Report
I was warned by my doctor that if I did not lose my excess weight before I went into menopause, it would be much harder. At age 51, almost two years ago, I went into menopause naturally. By that time, I was walking at least five days a week and started eating healthier. As a result, instead of gaining more weight; I started dropping my excess weight. I am several sizes smaller and have since joined a gym where I can enchance what I am already doing. I did experience hot flashes a lot the first two years, but they have decreased in severity, thanks to me working out. Report
My comment is about a very positive experience: I am one of the lucky ones. Not everyone has terrible symptoms from menopause. I have not had any kind of discomfort. To the contrary in fact... For years I suffered horrible migrane headaches. With menopause, my headaches have stopped! I believe that this is perhaps because of the hormonal change. What a reason to celebrate menopause! I practice good health habits, walking two miles every morning. I have excellent dental hygiene, and try to eat the right foods. I take calcium supplements and a multi-vitamin also. I want to tell all "young women" not to fear this stage of life. Just like the experience of pregnancy differs for women, so does menopause. (Not every pregnancy is fifty hours of hard labor! lol ) Modern medical science can help all of us embrace better health.
This is a great article. I just turned 40 last year and have been wondering about menopause. My mom went thru it early, but she also doesn't take care of herself at all. I'm hoping all my hard work will help me push it off and deal with it better when it is my turn. Report
This is all so true. I didn't go thru menopause until I was 57, but was able to lose 80 lbs, maintain estrogen levels, muscle strength, and bone strength through the peri-menopausal years with a good exercise program. Hot flashes were a minor, only occassional, event. Never serious enough to be a problem. Report
I'm 45 and started having hot flashes last year. Acupuncture treatments have really made a difference. I go about every 6-8 weeks and don't notice many symptoms in between treatments.

I'm also a firm believer in healthy whole food, daily exercise and good sleep. I have trouble with the last one, but on days when I can manage 8 hours, I feel my best.

I have been going through peri-menopause, which I feel is the worst part, for about ten years. At first all the strange symptoms were not identifiable. I don't think there was enough information out there. But now, there is plenty. I believe I have hit menopause, and yes, cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates are the best. Incorporate these into your week as much as you can. Cardio and weight training really alleviate the hot flashes and strange fluctuations of blood sugar/metabolism. I found soy products; love chocolate soy milk really calm the hot flashes as well. My weight is another sruggle. The weight has gone to my belly, back, and "love handles". This extra 20 pounds is a real struggle to lose, so I am so grateful to Sparkspeople for motivating me to watch my calories in a healthy way and exercise continually. The end result justifies the means, no matter how long it takes. Report

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