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Slip into a Steady Slumber

Tips for Curing Insomnia


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Got 8.5 hours last night! Report
I continue to have sleep problems after many yrs. of night shift work. Taking medication, I get a good 4 hrs. of sleep which I appreciate. Report
I have bi-polar disorder, and maintaining good sleep hygiene is essential in helping to even out my mood. Too little or too much sleep can push me into a mood episode. I have been working on establishing good sleep habits for the last several years, but I still struggle with insomnia. My sleep has improved. Report
I will sleep good tonight because I had a productive and busy day! Report
good article Report
I love sleep and usually get to bed fast..but wake up throughout the night. Report
Good article. Report
I've implemented many of these steps. One that wasn't mentioned is not having your pet sleep with you if they are restless sleepers. This is one I have decided not to do - I love to have my pets sleep on the bed! Report
Great tips. Lately I have been doing well with sleep and getting between 7 and 8 hours. Report
Thank you for the great tips Report
Thanks for the tips but I don't have much luck in this area Report
Thank you for the tips! Report
Thank You so much for the great suggestions. Report
helpful & interesting article Report
After working nights for 35+ yrs. my biorhythm has changed to being awake nights. Still working on turning this around to get good sleep during the night. Report

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