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Build a Better Burrito

Make Your Own to Save Calories and Cash


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Still love this article. Report
Thanks for the brown rice idea. Mexican food is my favorite and I have been trying new ways to make the meals, but healthier. Report
Great article. I wish I had read it last week. I had my heart set on making borritos for me and my daughter. I was going to make one for me and 3 for her, (since she's actually trying to gain weight). When I read the package on the tortillas I saw that they were 180 calories each. I told her that her 3 borittos were 540 calories before I put anything inside them. She jumped for joy. I just put the tortilla back and made a turkey burger. I was upset because I purposely bought them at Trader Joe's and opted for a healthier tortilla. But when I saw other tortillas at the regular supermarket and they were all over 200 calories. I realized I made an ok choice with that, just not with the other ingredients. Next time I will consider the points here before launching my next borrito. Maybe I'll just have a borrito bowl like they do at Chipotle. Report
Great ideas! I usually put brown rice in my burrito. It is filling and I find that I need less meat.

Cilantro rice and Mexican rice are both good. Report
I will definitely try these ideas out, very helpful. I have been hitting Taco Bell for a couple weeks, adding more tomatoes, no beans cuts some of the calorie content.

Very informative! Report
Thats a great tip, rinsing to drain fat! Thanks so much Report
I cook the meat in diced tomatoes and green chilis and then drain. Yummy! Report
But those big burritos are so good. What I do with them is I get the bowl instead because well at chipotles where they have those 5 lb burritos you can get a choice. Then I use multi-grain wrap and put enough from the bowl to that wrap that is one serving. Then I can have the rest the next perfectly. Just a thought. Report
Finally! I've been rinsing my ground beef/turkey for years! When we have people over for dinner they think I'm nuts to do it. YAY!! Report
A former all cheese quesadilla and super burrito eating addict THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Report
The thing I like about this article is it reinforces that you can eat the foods you love without all the calories. I love burritos and this recipe is a great way for me to enjoy burritos without putting over 1,000 calories into my body! Report
Great article. Report

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