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How to Pick a Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Watch Out for these Breakfast Cereal Scams


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What about the carnation instant breakfast drinks? I been drinking one every morning with lowfat milk. Keeps me from being hungry the whole morning and gets me through my morning workout at the gym. Report
"However, experts from five universities reviewed the leading kid’s cereals". Ha! Does it take and expert to read a label?! Sorry, I just find it humerous that it takes an "expert" to validate the simplest things. "Hey Bob, our funding grant is runnig low. Go down to the cafeteria and find something to study." Report
Very useful info in there! It’s the smart and sleek packaging of breakfast cereals that tricks us into believing that they make for healthy breakfast options. Probably the best way out could be to do away with them altogether as most packaged foods don’t have any health benefits anyways. For more on the truth about breakfast cereals please visit
lth-food-in-the-world/ Report
Thanks for the sound advice on cereal selection. I hadn't heard the rule-of-5 before. For those of you out there looking for a quick yes/no list, the list is there, you just have to read the article. I think the best advice is that you MUST read the nutrition facts. Plain and simple. There are no shortcuts and no quick lists that can substitute for that. Not misleading at all. Great information. Report
Be careful if there's too much fiber, though - check the list of ingredients. Companies are boosting the fiber content by including chicory root extract/inulin, polydextrose and such indigestible carbohydrates that were never normally part of our food supply until recently and it's not clear if they definitely have similar benefits to "real" food fiber. And many people's digestive tract's react quite badly to them, even if used to plenty of real fiber in real foods. I get painful trapped gas that lasts for days from such "fakey fibers", other people just get plenty of gas that explodes out of them ... Google for "Fiber One bars make me fart" for testimonials! Also make sure to drink extra water with those fiber bombs, that's important for fiber in general but especially for the fakey fiber. Report
I opened this email because the title was The Best and Worst Breakfast Cereals‏. I expected a list of the worst cereals but there wasn't any. Very misleading. Not what I expected. Report
Make a simple statement...have a simple answer.
While I don't think it was intentional, I was looking for the best and worst cereals as stated by the name of the article. I think most readers are interested in how their cereal compares. Maybe that would be a possiblity for a future areticle. Thanks for the information on cereal, some of which wase very surprising. Report
I recommend that you buy plain bran flakes with 5 or less gms. sugar, then add your own raisins. You can regulate your level of sugar. I believe the very best fiber cereal is the original Fiber One- yeah, the one that looks like twigs. 14 gms. of fiber in one serving. Expensive though! The best hot cereal is old-fashined oatmeal. We started buying all store brand oats, bran flakes, and toasted oats. Skim milk, bananas, or strawberries, and NO added sugar. The sugar cereals are like eating dessert. Report
I was looking for it to be a list of cereals to buy, but I did find the information to be very helpful. Report
Surprised to see Kashi on the list since just revealed they use GMOs. I used to think it was a healthy cereal....but I am guessing many of those you listed as good choices also use GMOs. Not what I consider among 'best' choices. Report
What are the best and worst breakfast cereals? Very misleading in the email that was sent out this morning. Report
well, i feel darned good about our cereal cabinet. we have cheerios, shredded wheat and wheaties; along with some nature's path and kashi. since we're old hands at label reading, the first two things i look at are the sodium content and the fiber. then i check out the rest. it's a sweet deal when the label content is just 'wheat' as in shredded wheat; and with wheaties it's whole grain wheat, sugar, salt, corn syrup, trisodium phosphate. the two are so different, it's not funny, and yet this article reccomends wheaties, so i have to wonder what the so called 'sugar' cereals have in them. i stick with cheerios which has whole oat flour, modified corn starch, wheat starch, sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, oat fiber and then a whole list of vitimins. this has made me think as i've compared these three standards in our cabinet: maybe i should make shredded wheat my fave and make sure i have fresh berries, etc to add. i love it with hot milk and a little added sugar. i grew up with it hot like that. yummy. Report
Liked the comments more than the article.
The title says "The Best and Worst Breakfast Cereals".

So, Where is the list of the best cereals?
Where is the list of the worst cereals?

Personally, I like the ingredient list on shredded wheat (any brand, including store brands). Throw some 2% milk and a banana in the bowl, along with about two "servings" of cereal, and I am good until lunch time.

And some of those "healthy" cereals taste like the cardboard box used for packaging. Tried Kashi and Mulesi on several different occasions, hoping that had gotten better. and the info on the side panel is just as bad as the major brands.

If the kids like the sugary stuff, mix it with the generic plain version. I found that a mixture of 1 part sugar puffs (or honey puffs or whatever they are calling them this month. The ones with the frog) with 3 parts of just plain puffed wheat id about right. in fact, my kids and now my grandkids will not eat most of the sugary stuff straight from the box, because they say it is way too sweet and sugary. they even mix plain old yellow box cheerios about 2 parts to 1 when using the flavored honey or apple kind. Report

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