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Is Your Car Making You Fat?

More Drive Time May Mean More Unwanted Pounds


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Interesting perspective. Report
We found it crazy when we went to Texas how little people walked. Driving from shop to shop in car park of a strip mall... And getting an odd look when I walked to a store a few minutes from our hotel, or not using the hotel cart service to take us from room to dining... I have legs! Report
My car is a necessity for me. There is no public transportation anywhere near me and the nearest facilities for shopping are 5 miles away. I do park at the back of parking lots, though. Report
Very interesting article. Report
Great. Report
Good blog, HOWEVER I live in the rural mountain boonies in New Hampshire, closest anything grocery store is 12 miles, don't think I'm walking 12 miles one way to do a weeks worth of groceries. Anything is 4 miles one way over hilly, winding back roads where people think they can go 80 MPH. there is also a chance to come across bears, foxes, skunks etc. Not what I want for a walk thank you. So your advice and suggestions don't work for everyone! Report
Good article. Report
I love walking, although it's just too hot here ATM. The only snack I keep in the car is water, nothing else needed, except proper picnic food on long trips... Report
I love that quote! 'Friend's don't let friends drive, when walking or biking is an option...something like that Report
I am an optimist.
It does not seem too much use being anything else.
- Winston Churchill Report
Good information Report
Great article.l thank you. Report
thanks Report

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