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Expert Solutions: Overweight Kids

SparkPeople Experts and Coaches Weigh-In on Issues with Overweight Children


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thank you!!! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I have recently started lifestyle changes for my daughter as she is overweight and being in her teens she is getting affected. I made her weigh herself and now she is aware how big her problem is. But i am not putting on her any diet. We will be making lifestyle changes. This week we have agreed on 4 changes. 1)No eating while watching TV but she gets one day in a week where she can do that and she has chosen Friday 2)Exercising 5 times a week 3) No bread for this week 4)She has to find a healthy recipe that she would like to try and we will be cooking it together

I want to make it fun at the same time effective. Next week we will have new challenges. Hope it works Will keep you guys posted Report
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It's so much harder being an obese child. They have no control. While parents aren't entirely to blame, they do need to make good choices in eating and exercising as a family to help the child. Saw an extremely overweight little girl at the zoo today. Of course, I also saw her screaming for the large frozen ice drink. Felt really bad for her. Report
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Try getting your child to eat healthy when you move to the South is especially challenging when eating out ~ Subway is the healthiest option here!! Report
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just saw a YouTube summarizing research on differences in parenting styles and how this may contribute to this issue. Report
Good information Report
Interesting. Thank you! Report
Thanks for the information Report
Good article. Report
Good article. Report
Although I agree with the lifestyle comments, Joe has a different and valid point of view. As a grandmother, I've watched my children and grandchildren eat differently. In particular, one grandchild does not feel full, and she has been this way since she started eating solid food. She will eat as much as possible.
The family is dedicated to healthy food and exercise, so her parents deal with this by telling her when she has had enough.She is in kindergarten now and kids are starting to tease her about being fat. As someone who has struggled with weight all her life, it is interesting to see the vast difference in appetite between this child and her siblings (her two siblings are skinny). Needless to say, it is heartbreaking, too. Report

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