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Heart-Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Your Body Benefits from Your Hard Work


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Dragonracer56 you are a motivator!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you've joined out team at goal and maintaing!! Great people on our team who care and keep us where we want to be!!
Keep up the good work!! : )
ginny Report
hi to all of u. I am 56 years old i can honestly say since i have stepped up my activities this year I have lost 31 pounds since christmas. I have taken up training with the dragon boat team (two hours a week) and I work at least 5 to 6 days a week (5 to 6 hours a day)and I also walk 5kms a (48 mins) day.and I hike sometimes two to three times a week and ride my bike three to four times a week. I have watched my eating habits and I do not over eat and do not eat past 6pm. sometimes i enjoy a beer clamato after a walking in the evening. I eat alot of natural foods such as fruits and veggies and stayed away from potatoes and bread and sugars, except what comes from fruit and veggies.I will eat whole grain wraps stuffed with vegs and lean chicken that has the skin off and baked. stay away from fried food. i found that just stepping up your activities is the key to staying healthy and fit, anyone can do it,but they have to start out slow, go ask your doctor before starting any type of training. Stay safe and have fun and enjoy your life being active. Report
My total cholesterol dropped 30 points since I started sparking 2 months ago! It's gotta be the healthy diet and exercise. Lord may I never go back! Report
Oops! I can't read. Sorry about the question! Ignore! Report
Hi all! I agree that moving is awesome for you, but I have high blood pressure and I get winded very easily and I'm getting light-headed a lot. I literally can't workout for 30 minutes (and I used to be able to do it 2 months ago!). What should I do? Btw I'm 37 y.o. Report
After seeing my bad cholesterol levels drop and my good cholesterol levels go up my dr said "just keep on doing what you are doing" ... which is eating wisely and moving frequently. Report
Hi new here, but love this article. i walk by myself and group fitness. Report
Used to walk sporatically by myself but it was too easy to postpone/procrastinate. Now I walk (regular and Nordic) with two Meetup groups - when others are counting on you to be there, and you have company to walk with, it makes walking easier.

Since April 2010, I have been walking 5 km per day minimum of 4 days a week. I have not lost weight but I can now walk a 12 min km or 5 km in an hour - I was struggling to do 3 km comfortable when I started.

While I have not lost weight I can now comfortably buckle my belt in the third hole - and I have a lot more energy. Walking is now a 'habit' - next is really paying attention to calorie intake. My doctor will not take be off BP medicine until I drop the weight!
Hello,Im very new here at spark people and love the infomation and all the different sights to see and. hear. You mentioned in your artical about vigorous house keeping; I was asking my husband how do we mark that on our Fitness Page. I do get a good work out keeping house: or on laundry day??? is there a point system for thoses days or is that days I just count steeps????
I walked at least 15 miles (sometimes more!) a week for almost a year and did not lose even one pound or feel any different. My weight remains the same 18-20 lbs over goal that it has been for over 6 years (ever since I quite Jazzercise which I had to do at least 5 days a week in order to stay at 120 lbs). The result of my walking program (and yes I wore proper cross trainer shoes--I am not an idiot) was that I developed a pinched nerve AND painful corns. Anybody got anything to say about that? Report
If you can't afford a stationary bike, here is a trainer for under $100 (first on the list) that you can put your back bike axle into. Great for winter time or just exercising while watching tv/reading anytime.
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I liked this article. It is encouraging information on how a healthy lifestyle can affect and prevent chronic illness such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Report
This is a good article. I used to be on meds for high blood pressure, 165/103. My blood pressure was checked on Monday and it was 114/71! And I haven't been on meds for over 3 years! Report
My DH has type diabetes, wasn't too active before because of pain on walking.

His oldest sister also has it and just had her foot amputated.

DH somehow had missed the connection between diabetes and this type of problem.

After back surgery, he took diet and exercise to heart, has eaten all the spark recipes and followed the spark diet with me. He still can't walk too far at one time, but rides his exercycle daily. At his last checkup, his doctor was elated at his A1C of 5.7! Report
Had my annual check-up yesterday and my blood pressure was down to 110/70! Weight decreased from last year, and my doc said " I wish all my patients were as healthy and fit as you!" I may not be at my goal weight yet, but I am definitely on the right track!!! Report

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