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Heart-Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Your Body Benefits from Your Hard Work


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Since returning to SP I have been meeting my goal of 30+ min. of active movement every day. My blood pressure has come down & I can't wait to see what it has done for my Cholesterol. Feeling great! I do half in walking & half in pedaling while watching TV. Report
My blood pressure is too low, 80/60 if I add salt it raises to 100/65,pharmacy said yesterday at heart health visit need to raise it to 120/80 immediately. When I go to the gym the top number does not go up at all but the bottom number does. I was told yesterday to eat lots of salty foods and add lots of salt to my diet to raise it up soon.This means my heart is trying to pump more and not getting anywhere. I was advised to only do light intensity exercise as I am at a extreme risk for heart attack or stroke and I have blood clots in my lungs from a problem with the arteries in my legs. My Dr. said it was a problem with veins,not so. My Dr. told me to continue to exercise at the gym. I was told yesterday if I continue I will get a heart attack or stroke at the gym. My good cholesterol is too low from eating too many low/fat no fat foods,so I need to eat more fat. My levels of bad fat is good,but not enough healthy fat for my organs and brain to function normal. I was advised to eat cheese daily to help raise my fat as well as walnuts,salmon,olive and canola oil.The oil I use anyway and also use margarine with no trans fat made with olive/canola oil combination. All other kinds of margarine with other oils are very bad for your health. So, you can have "too much of a good thing". Report
I keep wanting to take out my Dad's old push mower but I keep getting shot down!! Too bad the thing weighs a ton (not literally) and is mostly cast steel, Report
It is so good to refresh my memory through these articles after being away from Spark People for a couple years. Thank you for the research it takes to advise us. Report
great tips thanks love the workouts tips to do while watching TV i have now made it a habit yo parking away from the store when possible . weather and time of fay are considered . Report
This is a great column! Thanks. Report
Hi new here, but love this article i. hope SP works for me as i see it has for so many Report
I'd like citations for the info and research studies in this article. Could you please post the specific citations from the article. Thx! Report
Exercise definitely does my heart good, and my body and my spirit. Report
What type of phone has a pedometer app? What is the name of the app? This is a very cool idea! Report
This article is so right on! After many months of inactivity (a new job that was very stressful and sedentary), I suddenly started seeing a frightening trend in that my ankles would be horrifically swollen at the end of the day. It made me feel so OLD!!! (I am 47, but STILL!)

I did three things: got back on track with SP, got back to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and set my pedometer app on my phone to 6000 steps. Drinking the water made my bladder tell me to get up :) and I'd take the absolute LONGEST route I could to the bathroom -- down two floors -- and then take the LONGEST way back -- outside and around the building! Since Thanksgiving I've lost 15 pounds, and the swollen ankles are a thing of the past! Once I feel very comfortable with 6000 steps, I'll up it to 7000 with an ultimate goal of 10000 steps a day; I read somewhere that that is ideally what you want for optimal health. But I've seen GREAT results at just 6000 (about 2.6 miles total). Just walk! Report
my doctor warned me at my last physical that i needed to watch my blood pressure. it was still normal but it was on the high side of normal and it wouldnt take much to get it out of the normal range. so i started working out every day doing something and not putting salt on my food since everything has enough salt. i just had my blood pressure tested last week and i was perfectly normal. right where i should be for my age and weight. my doctor asked what i did different and i told her and she told me to just keep it up and as i drop weight my blood pressure will go down even further. Report
This article is so "right on!" After one year at Curves my blood pressure is down, my glucose is so improved I have moved from "diabetic" to "pre-diabetic" and I am off the cholesterol medication. Also had my best bone scan of my life! And lost 23 lbs.
Yeah! Report
Hi I am Alfonso Miranda, I have high blood presure and I would like to know what is the best exercise for people like me. Report
Hi I'm fairly new to sp but wanted to say love advice and info given. Also is there a section to track BP Report

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