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Surviving the Weekend

Don't Let Weekend Mishaps Ruin Your Weekday Efforts


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Great info! Thanks! Report
Good article. Report
Good ideaas and things to be aware of. Report
It realy does help to stick to the routine, even on the weekend! Report
thanks Report
This article is so good. i thought i was the only one how struggles to get through the weekends. Thank you very much for the tips!:) Report
I can so relate to this article. I really need to get a handle on Friday night dinners out! Report
What is the source for the statistic: "On average, we consume an extra 345 calories per day every weekend, which can add up to an extra 5 pounds per year!"

Thanks Report
Great tips! A lots of them! Thank-you! Report
I'm going out of town this weekend so the goal is to stop by here each day and put in what I eat. I'm worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right...?. Report
Great article! I printed out the article and put the tips on a 4x6 index card and stuck it on my refrigerator. It's a constant reminder to me that weekends don't have to be difficult!
I'm another one who uses Monday morning as "weigh-in" day. It really does help keep me focused during the weekend and evaluate my choices because I don't have time to make up for poor decisions before Monday!

Almost every weekend since I've started is going to be a huge challenge though, and next weekend is certainly no different... but I've managed to succeed every week with an average weight loss of 2 pounds a week for the last month (8 pounds down, 14 to go!). I am educating myself about better choices and practicing portion control, and that's really all you can do!

And if you think about it, you HAVE to ... or you'll never change. You'll most likely gain weight slowly but surely, develop health issues (heart problems, diabetes, whatever runs in your family), and probably die earlier than you "should." Saying no to the beer or having 2 slices of pizza instead of 4 is a small price to pay. Report
Week-ends are the hardest, for sure, but I have a few good tricks that help me tons. I make Monday my weekly "weigh in day" --so looking forwards to that helps keep me focused on eating within my calorie range. Also, I allow myself one really great dessert once a week, and that is on Saturday. I get the BEST piece of carrot cake or brownie or whatever...that I can find and enjoy every bite....slowly. That is my wk.end splurge and it satisfies me for a whole week. I have almost reached my goal of 20 pounds to lose and exercise every day. Also...get exercise (treadmill 30 min.) early Sat. and Sun. to get it out of the way. and drink lots and lots of ice water with lemon or lime. Report
The only way to cut loose from a stressful work week. I'm going to read this again on Friday morning and before I leave work that day. Hopefully, that will remind me that the glass of beer isn't that important. Report
Wow this article was for me. I am struggling with this but I'm not giving up! Even if I have to crawl. Report

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