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11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss

The Littlest People Know the Biggest Motivation Secrets


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What a great article!! The main reason I joined SP is to find a way to keep up with my grandchildren who bring me such joy but are su-uch hard work! I know it shouldn't be like that and now I will be making the extra effort to join them in their enthusiatic rushing hither and thither - not only for them but for me too. Thanks for the reminder that life should be fun and not just hard work. Report
This is a great article! And it's so true. I printed it out so that I can read it again at my leisure.

Do you work for Hallmark? Report
I totally agree! My 3 year old is only still when he sleeps - even when he's "vegging out" watching TV he's laying on his back and kicking his legs in the air. I don't think the kid has an ounce of fat on him. I've often thougt that if I spent my days doing the equivalent of what he does I'd have the best body on the planet. I mean, the kid's got a 6-pack!
I've been trying to find my inner child again. I dance and bounce on the bed with the 3 year old (actually does work quite a few muscles when done on hands and knees!), ride bikes with the 8 year old, and go for walks with the 13 year old - meet them where they are. It's also a great way to get some quality time alone with each of them, and I get lots of exercise! Report
Oh so true - I'm a teacher and one more thing that my students can teach me. Report
This is a really great article, its nice to remember that it doesnt have to be serious and intense all the time! You just have to remember to have fun! Report
This is absolutely my favorite article I've found on SP. I've worked with kids ages 2-5 for so many years in my church's Sunday school that I can honestly say everyone of these things are true. I mean, most of the kids can't even sit through snack time! They're just focused on having fun. And sure, as adults, we're not usually able to be THAT free of responsibilities, but the fact is, no one ever said we had to be these stiff robots either. So, I think I'm going to crank up some Hannah Montana and dance like I'm 10 again...oh wait, did I just say that out loud...?? LOL! Report
I love, Love, LOVE Mike Kramer's articles. He's the best. Here's yet another great one. Thanks Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
Great ideas to help keep the momentum! Report
This TOTALLY Makes sense! I mean When do you feel like you've gotten a better workout, in the gym or playing with the kids? I know my nephew has my muscles screaming by the end of a day playing with him!!! Report
This article brought about some key points. Great article. Report
Good article! Here's two other kid analogies:

Eating is not a game. After eating for a while kids get bored and want to get back to playing with brothers and sisters, jumping on the couch etc. Don't eat for fun.

Lesson from a two year old: If you make up your mind not to eat something don't let anything change your mind - even the voices of authority figures such as Moms... My nephew was so focused on having his way that once he had made up his mind to say no to the ice-cream nothing could make him eat it. Even though he had wanted it 10 minutes earlier now it was more important to assert himself against someone trying to help him eat it. Report
Excellent article! Oh to be a free spirit again like a child! I will make an effort to enjoy this exercise and make it a game!! Thanks. Report
Awesome article and so true. Although it reminds me a bit of that e-mail that get sent around about how to draw attention to yourself in the office - you know the one, You should skip instead of walk whenever possible. Well, it's funny but it's true.
I run every day and I must admit lately, whenever I see a big pile of leaves I've been VERY tempted to jump in. Report
You mean after all of this time, we've been doing it wrong?? Wow, I like this. I now can officially act like a kid again. Although I may break the bed if I jumped on it !! LOL Report

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