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11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss

The Littlest People Know the Biggest Motivation Secrets


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Good article. Report
Excellent article, really enjoyed it. Report
Good article. Report
thank you for sharing Report
Always keep the mind of a child inside. Report
Good article! Report
Very good article. I had to smile. When my son is engrossed in either a book or project, I assumed that he was tuning me out. :o) Report
This is a great article, and makes me appreciate my darling 2-year-old son even more. Thank you for this one!! Report
Growing older..not up ! I'm going to skip around the walking path tomorrow !! Report
As I was reading this, I started watching my 4yo. He's having the time of his life... boxing a kangaroo. Report
Good article. Report
Thanks for the wonderful article! Changing our attitudes to that of children, with their playfulness and energy may increase ours!! I am motivated! Report
I would add a 12th about babies' eating habits....they don't eat when they aren't hungry. When they get full, they push it out of their mouths when we put it in. We force feed them and teach them to overeat..... I have stopped urging people to "taste this" when they are full, and I don't give in when people do that to me. Report
A great motivation boost, my favorite is # 10!!! Report
awww,totally the best! Warm fuzzies all over...AND YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT! Report

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