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11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss

The Littlest People Know the Biggest Motivation Secrets


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This article sounds great except some of us can no longer do the things kids do like running with bad knees or sore feet. As a kid I ate everything in sight, something like 7,000 to 10,000 calories a day. That wasn't all due to activity as I read a lot & was indoors all winter. My metabolism has changed. The day I was in a serious car accident my adrenals nearly shut down & stayed that way for months. It's never been the same. So I will try to play & be active & move w/ great joy but it isn't going to turn back the clock. Report
thank you Report
Great article! Report
What an awesome list! From observing my grands I would also add: stop eating when you are honestly full, and treats are to be enjoyed not devoured...there can be more another time. Report
Great article. Report
And a child shall lead them and show the way! Report
thank you Report
Great reminders! Report
Good article. Report
Excellent article, really enjoyed it. Report
Good article. Report

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